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King Offers GPS Tracking


(For those who don’t get sidetracked watching videos of silly cats.)

As our customers grow and develop, we’re right there with them, continuously searching for new ways to assist in all areas of transportation, technology and logistics. Want an example? We thought you’d never ask. By offering specialized GPS tracking at the pallet level, King Solutions was able to accommodate one client’s needs by providing real-time, live tracking on their specific freight—not just the location of their tractor/trailers.

Our client is one of the nation’s largest direct mailers, which means their business is constantly changing and expanding. Their goal was to regionalize their production to help minimize their transportation costs. But as they expanded their production capabilities, it was even more important to be able to track each and every shipment involving time-sensitive and personal items.The challenge at hand was to provide accessible tracking not only to the client, but the King Solutions team as well. No small task, but one we were up to.

Ask and you shall receive. The client wanted 24/7 real-time tracking, and that’s exactly what we gave them. King Solutions was able to provide live Internet tracking on 325 million pieces of mail, using a GPS Tracking Device connected at the pallet level. This allowed continuous tracking of the product inside the trailer, including assessment of departure times, real-time travel speed, overall mileage (900,000 miles, if you’re wondering) and transit time to destination. It also eliminated miscommunication, incorrect reporting and the wait for manual updates. Of course, we couldn’t let the client have all the tracking fun. So King Solutions’ team tracked the GPS unit every two hours, allowing us to watch for delays, load changes, truck stalls and more. It all makes us think that “GPS” should actually stand for “Gosh, this is Pretty Sweet.

“On-time delivery is paramount to the success of our high-density commingle program. With GPS tracking at King, all it takes is a few mouse clicks and we know exactly where our shipment is at all times.” Al Bourgeois, Manager of Logistics and Commingle Planning–IWCO Direct




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