Industry insight

Don’t let rising diesel prices fuel your freight woes

By Peter Tulisaari, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the logistics industry, and the volatility of rate changes is something that causes issue among many shippers. Because of this, we watch diesel fuel prices closer than brokers watch tickers on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. There’s a method to the madness Diesel fuel rates are tracked […]

Everything new in Q2: read the latest logistics news and insights

By Tom Sellin, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

We are midway through the year, the economy looks strong and the logistics industry is trucking along. As we round the bend to the backside of the year, here are the latest facts, figures and trends in shipping and logistics. Read the entire Q1 logistics industry update for a complete snapshot of what happened earlier […]

ATRI, FMCSA, ELD. Spelling out the CSA issues of the shipping industry

By Peter Tulisaari, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

Businesses in every industry have their own unique mountains to climb, but two of the key issues that transcend industry lines are compliance and safety. Small businesses will spend more than $83,000 in their first year to maintain compliance, and larger companies can spend in excess of $5 million a year to keep up with […]

Infrastructure issues are more than bumps in the road

By Chad Erchul, Business Development at King Solutions

The trucking industry hauls about 71 percent of U.S. freight by weight, which adds up to about 80 percent of the nation’s freight bills each year ($738.9 billion in gross freight revenues in 2016). The nation’s trucks hit the roads hard every day of the year. In 2015 alone, more than 33.8 million trucks that […]

Fun, and sometimes unexpected, facts you never knew about the USPS

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

The 2018 USPS National Postal Forum is currently underway in San Antonio, TX  from May 6th–9th. As a 3PL company who has had a decades-long partnership with the USPS, King Solutions is always honored to attend the National Postal Forum. Each year, we meet with industry influencers to discuss new strategies for USPS Destination Entry […]

Delivering solutions for shipping industry challenges

By Alex Robertson, Business Development at King Solutions

The logistics industry is filled with problem solvers. From LTL freight consolidation to route planning and other fulfillment solutions, everything supply chain leaders do revolves around solving the multifaceted problems shippers face. Using new technology and a variety of strategies, the logistics industry is capable of adapting to almost any challenge it comes across, and […]