Alex Robertson

Nov 2, 2018 Oct 8, 2018

Are rate issues actually capacity issues?

In a time when shippers are sandwiched between rising freight rates and consumer demands for more affordable shipping, rising costs are at the top of every supply chain manager’s mind. Rising carrier rates are rampant across the country, and although shipments are...
Aug 31, 2018

King eliminates waste and delivers truckloads of efficiency

This environmentally conscious company has an important goal that should resonate with all of us: “developing solid waste management solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.”  They help businesses and cities achieve this goal by providing waste...
Aug 24, 2018

Recent changes and best practices for filing freight claims

Recently, we have noticed an increasing number of carriers requiring photos of damaged freight in order to file and process a freight claim. This is just one of the most recent trends in an ever-changing process, and while we hope our customers never have to file a...
Aug 21, 2018