Peter Tulisaari

Sep 14, 2018 Jul 17, 2018

Don’t let rising diesel prices fuel your freight woes

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the logistics industry, and the volatility of rate changes is something that causes issue among many shippers. Because of this, we watch diesel fuel prices closer than brokers watch tickers on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. There’s...
Jun 18, 2018 Mar 16, 2018

Why warehouse optimization is more important than ever

Speed and efficiency in the warehouse have always been important in logistics management, but the recent capacity crunch has given warehouses a new sense of urgency when loading and unloading trailers. The capacity crunch is playing a role There are fewer carriers on...
Nov 15, 2017

How cyber shopping will affect seasonal logistics this year

Over the years we have seen significant shifts in the way consumers shop. We have watched closely as the the increases in ecommerce shoppers has changed supply chains and the ways in which goods are moved throughout the country. The holidays in 2017 appears to be no...