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Industry trends

Consumers want faster shipping. Can shippers keep up?

By Peter Tulisaari, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

A great balance was shifted in 2016: for the first time ever, studies began to show that consumers are doing more of their shopping online than in brick-and-mortar stores. A five-year-old study by from comScore and UPS confirms that shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online. Online shopping is increasing at a rapid pace as […]

Shipping trends and technologies to look forward to in 2017

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

2016 was a great year for King Solutions. Our company was named a “Top Workplace” by the Star Tribune, and we were also given a Minnesota Business Ethics Award in the mid-sized company category. 2016 was also a great year for the logistics industry, and we are eagerly anticipating what 2017 will bring to the table. Here are […]

Trucking regulations that are impacting shippers

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

Trucking regulations are continuously updated and changed in order to make the industry safer and more environmentally friendly. While these trucking regulations may be necessary for safety, they can impact shipping schedules and best practices.

The impact of millennial shoppers on the supply chain

By Alex Robertson, Business Development at King Solutions

The impact of millennials, also known as Generation Y, has been felt by nearly every industry in the world. They are the fastest growing segment in the workplace, they are slowly becoming the largest segment of consumers, and they are now the primary segment that retailers and businesses are targeting with their products and marketing efforts.

The importance of business ethics in the logistics industry

By Jim Berge, Business Development at King Solutions

As we celebrated the recent honor of being awarded a 2016 Minnesota Business Ethics Award, it got us thinking about the practice of ethics in business and what it truly means for companies within the logistics industry to implement ethics within their own businesses.