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We believe in making a difference.
Which is why we do things differently.

We believe that the best way from point A to point B is sometimes starting at point C. And that an order in a warehouse is every bit as important as a shipment on a truck. We believe that no two cardboard boxes are alike. And whether they contain life-saving medical devices or life-sized toys, they deserve the same attention to detail. We believe that the phrase “handle with care” can just as easily be applied to customer relationships. And that offering customized programs depends as much on modern technology as good old-fashioned creativity.

We believe that one solution does not fit all. We don’t even believe that one solution fits most. So we’ll work until we find the one solution that fits your specific needs. Whether we’re shipping freight, managing projects or fulfilling orders, this is what we believe.

Because if we didn’t,
we wouldn’t be King.

The best thing to come out of the 80’s (besides the hair, of course.)

Over 20 years ago, our founders Mike Patterson and Meyer Bolnick saw a need in the transportation industry and they decided to fill it. So in 1989, they established King Solutions as a values-based organization committed to a customer-focused approach. Since then, King has become a leading provider of international freight transportation, retail project management, global logistics, mail consolidation, fulfillment, warehousing and more. In 2010, Meyer Bolnick retired after serving many successful years in the industry, at which time Mike Patterson assumed sole ownership of the company.

Whether we're managing an LTL or FTL, every facet of our business optimizes our powerful network of shipping resources, information services, and the knowledge of our talented employees. To this day, we still believe in the ideas our company was built on. One thing that hasn't changed since 1989.

Our Mission

is to improve the flow of materials through supply chains by optimizing global transportation, warehousing, fulfillment and technology solutions.

Our Vision

is to be a national leader known for creating meaningful supply chain solutions, while empowering the success of those within our community.

Our Values

  • Integrity: responsibility, honesty, and respect
  • Excellence: quality in all we do
  • Innovation & Creativity: passion for creating a better way
  • Safety: occupational safety and health management & service provider responsibility
  • Giving Back: employee recognition, volunteerism, philanthropic non-profit alliances

King Solutions’ community involvement and outreach program, “MaKING a Difference”, provides a platform for King employees to give back, inspire and enrich lives. Each month, employees are encouraged to donate time during working hours to ensure local charities receive adequate support throughout the year.

We founded our “ThinKING Green” program in 2012 to help further our commitment to social responsibility. Our goal? To reduce our environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, through best practices related to the usage of paper, water, fuel, biodegradable resources, energy and recycling.

As part of our “ThinKING Green” initiative, King is honored to be a member of The Smart-Way Transport Partnership. The program helps freight companies improve fuel efficiency, increase environmental performance and increase supply chain sustainability. To learn more, click here

Providing solutions is so important,
we put it in our name


Nationally. Internationally.
Wherever you're going, we'll get you there.

Our global transportation offerings include ground, ocean and air freight transportation services. And we include GPS units at the pallet level, too. So wherever you are, you know where your shipment is.

Logistics &

We fulfill orders.
All while we're exceeding expectations.

Our services don't stop at shipping. We'll help you with fulfillment, warehousing, project management, and more. We'll find out what you need. Then we'll find the answer.


You can't spell "happy customer"
without "custom".

We follow a detailed approach that starts with on-boarding every client, and carries through from pre-start through post-launch. The result? Customized solutions that fit your requests.

Hover on the icons above to learn about our capabilities.
  • Our Expertise

    • LTL and Partial-load Consolidation
    • Domestic Logistics
    • Retail Project Management
    • International Freight Forwarding
    • Project Management
    • Fulfillment
    • Special Transportation Services
    • Packaging Solutions
    Click the links above to see how our expertise makes us King.
  • LTL and Partial-Load Consolidation

    For nearly 20 years, King has been recognized as a leader in general freight and mail consolidation services. Our facilities in Minneapolis service more than 150 consistent weekly truckload and LTL lanes reaching every major market across the nation.

    We've helped thousands of companies receive better customer service, less handling and quicker time to market by optimizing partial loads with our consolidation program. Not only do we service the general freight community, but we've also developed a special niche with the United States Postal Service. By using King, customers deliver their direct marketing mail and news inserts to over 200 USPS locations every week with 24/7 pallet tracking and tracing. Customized and automated shipment integration, freight packaging and surface visibility of USPS pallet scan information bring added advantages to customers across the nation.

    In 2014, we launched a new LTL service outbound our facility in Minneapolis, MN. Our CoastalPlus™ program is designed for less-than-truckload shippers in Minnesota with non-hazmat freight delivering to the United States' coasts. For more information click here.

  • Domestic Logistics

    When it comes to truckload, LTL, expedited, parcel services, de-containerization and extra care handling, we build programs that deliver results. We match customized logistics solutions to each and every client by understanding unique service needs. And we base our business model on building partnerships that bring value to our clients. Our dedicated teams of customer care specialists focus on one priority: delivering a positive experience so our clients can focus on doing the same for their customers.

    We are committed to saving customers time and money through carrier route optimization, project management, online tools and visibility, business analytics and freight bill verification services. Thousands of shippers recognize the value in outsourcing their transportation needs to King. They know that by relying on us to manage their freight transportation, they can focus on their core business competencies.

  • Retail Project Management

    Retailers face complex logistical challenges related to new store openings, remodels, fixture distribution rollouts, reverse logistics, store relocations; just to name a few. That's where King steps in. With more than 20 years of experience, our people, expertise and technology tools help retailers move product on-time and on-budget. Not only do we have a powerful network of transportation providers to haul merchandise and fixtures, we also provide installation services, including display assembly and debris removal.

    As specialists in multi-vendor consolidation, load planning analysis, nationwide distribution and time-definite deliveries, we craft customized program blueprints for large and small retailers across the globe. The result? Vendor compliance, visibility, reduced costs and accurate deliveries.

  • International Freight Forwarding

    King's international network is strategically structured within key import/export markets around the globe. Customers rely on King to handle their global supply chains because of our dedication to excellence, competitive pricing for FCL and LCL services, proactive communication and a superior customer experience.

    Whether we're shipping a small package overseas or a full truckload to Mexico, no project is too small or too large. And when it comes to border crossing, customs compliance, de-containerization and related intermodal services, King's team can assist with the management of those processes too, avoiding expensive errors, delays and surprises.

  • Project Management

    You can't trust just anyone with your transportation projects. We believe in a partnership-based approach that drives results. Our process starts with developing a project blueprint and concludes with implementing a continuous improvement plan to ensure success.

    Whether we're managing trade show distribution projects or the logistics of student assessment testing, we secure time-definite distribution with total reverse logistics, sorting, scanning and multi-mode shipping.

    We commit to collaborating with our clients on several key success factors:

    • Identifying unique customer needs
    • Optimizing transportation and packaging procurement
    • Strategizing lead-time reduction within the supply chain
    • Discussing and solidifying expectations
    • Meeting fluctuating demand through scalability
    • Improving quality and time to market
    • Developing an open communication partnership based on trust, respect and honesty
    • Customizing invoicing, reporting and analytics

  • Fulfillment

    We offer customers choices, not just when it comes to shipping services, but when it comes to picking and packing your orders too. Depending on the needs and scale of the program, our manual and automated fulfillment solutions offer your business a competitive advantage. Our team of experts consults with clients to determine the best method to deliver speed, accuracy and flexibility. From picking, packing, kitting, assembly, reverse logistics and return order management, to eco-friendly packaging supplies, quality control and shipping, we've got our clients covered from Point A to Point B and beyond.

  • Special Transportation Services

    Have an urgent shipping need? Freight that requires special attention, blanket-wrap or white glove handling? King strengthens your business by proactively handling these issues, applying cost-saving advantages and avoiding surprises. We accomplish these goals by sharing special service solutions that best suit individual clients, including GPS tracking at the pallet level; expedited, critical and time-definite services; and pad-wrap solutions. We also offer competitive programs to manage your trade show logistics, white glove handling and inside delivery needs. In the event of lost or damaged cargo, our claims management team is available to mitigate the freight claim and consult on preventing future related issues.

    And when it comes to compliance, our carrier compliance team has one goal in mind: safety first. Our carrier partners meet safety, insurance and regulatory compliance standards, and reviews are performed weekly to ensure your freight is being handled by best-in-class carriers.

  • Packaging Solutions

    King Solutions offers a full array of packaging materials, including eco-friendly options. And if you're not sure what you need, we'll evaluate your current packaging materials, equipment and methods and recommend alternative solutions.

    By partnering with King, you'll receive special pricing for transportation services and packaging supplies related to packaging equipment, compostable bags, organic materials for food service, green-friendly shipping materials, office supplies and sanitary maintenance products. So many options. One place to get them.

Enough about us.
Let’s talk about our clients.
(And, well, a little bit more about us.)

We know that actions speak louder than words. So instead of just telling you what we do, we’re going to show you what we’ve done for real live customers, via our King Solutions case studies. Read on to see examples of one-of-a-kind solutions we’ve crafted for our clients.

Watch Our Case Study Videos

Click the links below to see real examples
of solutions we've crafted for our clients.

  • Thanks to King, client considers their fragile shipment needs handled.
    (With care, of course.)

    The Client Challenge

    What happens when you’re working with a logistics program that offers just two modes of transport? You contact King. Our client’s provider offered just TL and LTL, which was limiting their opportunities. They required a mode of transportation that served in between TL and LTL, while reducing handling, claim exposure and damaged product. That’s where we came in.

  • “King Solutions has been a great partner in responsiveness and flexibility.”

    - Jason DeBus, Cummins Power Generation

    The King Solution

    After we acquired a thorough understanding of the company’s current infrastructure, we were able to construct a partial service mode tailored specifically to our client’s requests. Shipments were consolidated at our 150,000 square-foot Minnesota facility, and were transported with our 140+ weekly truckload departures. Fragile freight was delivered direct from the line-haul trailer to avoid damage from LTL handling and dock-crossing. And just like that, a solution was customized.

  • King offers partial mode. And creates cost savings.

    The End Result

    King helped our client consolidate over 200 shipments a month, resulting in significant freight savings, claim reduction and increased customer satisfaction. We delivered proactive communication with a dedicated account management team, and developed detailed tracking reports to monitor receiving deadlines. King also provided new racking, storage and loading procedures, which allowed the client access to improved inventory and order accountability. And all of that is, of course, just technical 3PL language for “happy customer.”

  • King saves national manufacturer $400k in just one year

    (And yes, that "k" stands for thousand.)

    The Client Challenge

    Our client was a $100-million+ company, with seven divisions and three manufacturing plants— and they came to King looking for the one solution that would help them reduce administrative costs. The company’s annual transportation budget was $3 million, half of which was LTL, with the remainder of shipments moving via parcel, air freight, international and truckloads. When they contacted us, their internal personnel were handling the orders and managing the freight claims in lieu of a logistics provider. We couldn’t wait to alleviate some of that burden.

  • “King listens to our supply chain needs, then develops unique solutions.”

    - Corporate Purchasing Manager, national manufacturing company

    The King Solution

    Well, let’s start with everyone’s favorite subject: saving money. A one-month invoice audit of the client’s current logistics provider showed that over $400,000 could be saved each year by partnering with King instead—no small chunk of change. Next, King provided an online customer portal that made all transportation transactions and invoice numbers instantly accessible. Plus our online quoting engine gave the customer instant rate quotes for their planning process. Our next task was to boost the efficiency of the overall operation. So we began weekly manifest billing, and consolidated all modes of shipments for all company divisions. Then we customized the online bill of lading and held monthly meetings to assess progress and success, and to address concerns. Oh, and did we mention the saving $400,000 part?

  • King listens. Client loves it.

    The End Result

    In just one month, King saved our client 19% compared to the prior year. And within one year, we reduced LTL costs by more than $400,000 and eliminated associated expenses, boosting efficiency and the bottom line. Not that we’re counting or anything.

  • King ships over 2,000 display fixtures before Thanksgiving. Gives thanks for things like on-time deliveries.

    The Client Challenge

    For our client, delivering and merchandising almost 2,200 DVD displays prior to Thanksgiving would mean increased holiday sales. A tall task to begin with, but the challenges didn’t end there. The fixtures needed to arrive at stores prior to specific dates in order to meet the scheduled set date. And while the client’s manufacturer could produce 150 displays per day, they had minimal space for storage while waiting for multiple party pick-ups. Plus, when commitments were not met in the first few days, the schedule had to be quickly reworked. We think it goes without saying that daily status updates with Proof Of Delivery (POD) was a necessity.

  • “It has been a great working partnership with King Solutions.”

    - Robert Duvall, Warner Home Entertainment

    The King Solution

    King gathered every piece of information we could in reference to the merchandise schedule, the fixture characteristics and the vendors’ capabilities to collaborate with the proper partners. This all allowed for safe and cost effective service, quick trailer turns, transparent visibility to fixture status and capacity to move the volumes needed per day. King built and provided release schedules, BOLs and labels for each destination, to aid in the vendors’ preplanning of their production and loading schedule. Then we divided the country into 4 distribution regions, in order to move the fixtures through the system as quickly as possible.

    King’s daily status updates gave the client a quick snapshot to each shipment’s status. We also consolidated weekly invoicing and proof of delivery reports, so all the information specific to each shipment was in one place. All in a day’s work for King Solutions.

  • King is sensitive to time-sensitive rollout.

    The End Result

    Our customized retail rollout plan allowed our client to place permanent fixtures in a major electronics retailer and increase the sales of their DVD product. King shipped 2,178 DVD displays to 1,089 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. We provided bills of lading and address labels for each shipment, and created and managed a ship schedule that delivered displays prior to ship date. Daily status reports provided actual names of receivers on PODs, and all potential issues or delays were communicated proactively. Oh yeah, and we made sure it all shipped in just 17 business days. What can we say? We love a challenge.

  • Client asks if King can help them ship internationally. To which we reply “Oui. Si. Ja. And Hai.”

    The Client Challenge

    Frustrated with rising freight costs and managing multiple vendors, our client was ready to streamline their international transportation program. They needed a trusted advisor with a specialized team that could manage air, LCL and FCL for multiple origins and destinations, while reducing transportation costs and easing administrative burden. We thought they’d never ask.

  • “We successfully worked with King Solutions to help streamline our supply chain.”

    - Mark Frederick Pinta Acoustic

    The King Solution

    By tapping into our extensive network, King identified key service providers who could meet equipment needs, service requirements and budgetary goals. We built partnerships domestically and internationally to handle ground, ocean and air freight services while successfully delivering on our commitment to the customer.

  • King saves the day. By saving costs.

    The End Result

    In addition to managing customs compliance to meet regulatory standards, King helped our customer save over $400 per container for more than 50 container-loads. With our buying power, we were able to offer these savings throughout the year while developing a consistent program that met shipping and receiving deadlines. King took on the management of all vendors and reduced our client’s freight spend by 10%. In addition, we provided increased order visibility, providing information that was not being captured or reported in the past. This information now allows our client to proactively communicate all shipment checkpoints to accurately determine arrival dates. King also performed analysis on historical data, helping recoup overages paid in duties and taxes. You could say it was a global success.

  • Client sells product to major retailers. But there’s one minor problem.

    The Client Challenge

    The good news for our client: Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and a handful of smaller retailers picked up their product. The not-so-good news? Our client realized that they lacked optimal facility space and manpower for this significant increase in volume. Over 3,700 displays needed to be assembled, filled, packed and labeled to meet the retailer routing guide requirements and ASNs sent. And there was a Black Friday due date. It was enough to make any 3PL nervous. But King Solutions isn’t just any 3PL.

  • “King was able to assemble, pick & pack, label and ship our product to nationwide retailers.”

    - Angie Hanzal, 30 Watt

    The King Solution

    The first step? In a word, outsourcing. Our client’s print partner shipped components to King’s facility, where we could receive them into our inventory management system for total visibility of all components received. This freed up our client’s office, dock and manpower, so they could run the rest of their business. Once all the components were received, King assembled, labeled and inventoried the various POP display configurations. King also got Electronic Data Interchange and Advanced Shipping Notices. Plus, King performed significant amounts of data entry in order to meet retailer requirements.

    The program we put in place allowed us to seamlessly run other retailer activity through the system, including all labeling and EDI requirements. This customer now has a new project of 1,200 POP displays for Wal-Mart by Valentine’s Day. So we’d say their relationship with King was a perfect match.

  • Easing client's worries? Easy.

    The End Result

    Outsourcing to King allowed an up-and-coming company to successfully meet the requirements of major retailers. King provided instant relief from space and manpower constraints, and our knowledgeable fulfillment department met the challenge of assembling the volume and delivering to retailers by their PO due dates. All of this avoided retailer charge backs and allowed for more sales and new programs. The flexibility and capabilities King has provided have given our client the comfort to commit to these same volumes next year. But we’re not stopping there. King has also become involved in other area of our client’s distribution activity, strengthening and developing our partnership along the way.

  • Online freight tracking leads to more efficient shipping process.

    (For those who don’t get sidetracked watching videos of silly cats.)

    The Client Challenge

    Our client is one of the nation’s largest direct mailers, which means their business is constantly changing and expanding. Their goal was to regionalize their production to help minimize their transportation costs. But as they expanded their production capabilities, it was even more important to be able to track each and every shipment involving time-sensitive and personal items. The challenge at hand was to provide accessible tracking not only to the client, but the King Solutions team as well. No small task, but one we were up to.

  • “With GPS tracking at King, we know exactly where our shipment is at all times.”

    - Al Bourgeois, IWCO Direct

    The King Solution

    As our customers grow and develop, we’re right there with them, continuously searching for new ways to assist in all areas of transportation, technology and logistics. Want an example? We thought you’d never ask. By offering specialized GPS tracking at the pallet level, King Solutions was able to accommodate one client’s needs by providing real-time, live tracking on their specific freight—not just the location of the tractor/trailers.

  • Locating shipments? As easy as G-P-S.

    The End Result

    The client wanted 24/7 real-time tracking, and that’s exactly what we gave them. King Solutions was able to provide live Internet tracking on 325 million pieces of mail, using a GPS Tracking Device connected at the pallet level. This allowed continuous tracking of the product inside the trailer, including assessment of departure times, real-time travel speed, overall mileage (900,000 miles, if you’re wondering) and transit time to destination. It also eliminated miscommunication, incorrect reporting and the wait for manual updates. Of course, we couldn’t let the client have all the tracking fun. So King Solutions’ team tracked the GPS unit every 2 hours, allowing us to watch for delays, load changes, truck stalls and more. It all makes us think that “GPS” should actually stand for “Gosh, this is Pretty Sweet.”


We could talk about shipping all day. Especially about what King can do for you. Give us a call or drop us a line.

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