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We offer a full range of partial load shipping services—from LTL shipping to PTL shipping—that are affordable, simple, and customizable. From carrier selection to route optimization and shipment visibility, we help you maximize savings and reduce shipments times by using the right shipment method. Our expansive carrier network allows you to choose the fastest and most affordable option for your freight, giving you the supply chain flexibility you need to better serve your customers.

Our partial load shipping services

Less than Truckload

(LTL) Shipping

Send smaller shipments economically. We help businesses coordinate LTL freight shipments as they move through multiple touchpoints from origin to destination. LTL shipping allows you to send smaller shipments (generally four pallets or less) that are too large for parcel shipping, giving you the flexibility to ship what you have, when you need to.

From carrier selection to freight lane and route optimization, we help you manage the complexities of LTL shipping and select the rates and transit times that work best for you.

Partial Truckload

(PTL) Shipping

Reduce freight handling and save on shipping costs with PTL shipping. We help businesses organize their partial load freight shipments and share carrier space to save on shipping costs. PTL shipping allows your pallets to go from your destination to our warehouse, then to their final destination. Freight rates are determined by linear footage and weight.

We help coordinate PTL shipments that get your freight where it needs to be on time, with low risk of damage, and at a rate you can afford.

Why partner with King Solutions?
We make partial load shipping easy.

Carrier, rate, and route options

We partner with a reliable network of LTL and PTL carriers, giving you options when it comes to shipping your partial load freight. Our network gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best rate, route, and reliable carrier.

A dedicated team

Our 24/7 customer service and shipment management teams understand your business and are always ready and keep your supply chain moving, actively monitoring carriers and troubleshooting issues in real time. You can’t always prevent delays, but you can react quickly and mitigate their effects with our hard-working team at your back.

Freight tracking and shipment visibility

Put the latest logistics technology to work for your business. From a dedicated “track and trace” team to customizable reporting and KPIs, we help you track shipments and deliver the performance metrics your business needs to continually improve your supply chain optimization.

Reliable results

99% on-time. 99.9% claim free. It’s these numbers that keep our customers coming back. We coordinate LTL and PTL shipments to locations across the country, giving you a distribution footprint that is extensive, reliable, and convenient for your customers.

Have a partial load to send? You have our full attention.
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