Making A Difference

A little bit of giving

goes a long way.

Whether they’re conducting life-saving cancer research, helping our youth overcome addiction, or simply cleaning up our highways, charitable organizations play a huge part in making our community a better place to live. “MaKing a Difference,” our community involvement and outreach program, helps these organizations with their missions.

Each month, our employees are encouraged to donate time during working hours to ensure local charities receive the support they need to change lives. Annual projects include Red Cross blood drives, all kinds of food drives, and support for Adopt-A-Highway. By collecting litter along our stretch of highway in Blaine, MN, we’re furthering our Thinking Green initiative by keeping the roads safer and cleaner for everyone.

Charitable giving

is in our jeans.

Employees are encouraged to nominate charities each month as part of our Dress to Bless program. For a charitable donation, team members get to wear jeans to the office on specified days. All proceeds go towards benefiting the organizations and causes we support.

Know a great charity we should know, too? Tell us about it.

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Making a Difference

Community is everything to King Solutions.

Employee Quotes

I love the opportunity to help out in the community during working hours.

There’s a large philanthropic community opportunity here. Every month we do something different, whether it be onsite or offsite.

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