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In healthcare, time isn’t just money — it’s life. That’s why you need a logistics partner that truly understands the meaning of “handle with care.” With physicians, patients and their families relying on you to deliver, every detail counts. That’s where we come in. Clients trust King for everything from managing their inbound supply chain to getting the most out of the ongoing innovation in the field. If your business owns a novel technology in need of a custom supply chain or storage solution, don’t wait to give us a call. We’ve got a lot of novel ways to make it happen.

We serve these healthcare and life science industries
with surgical precision:

  • Medical device
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Digital health
  • Orthopedics

Our care goes further with:

Detailed client on-boarding from pre-start to post-launch

Temperature-controlled cGMP warehousing

Validated WMS software to manage warehousing, transportation and fulfillment activity

Thinking Green program with eco-friendly shipping options from a SmartWay Partner


Meeting regulations. Exceeding expectations.

Featuring 101,000 sq ft of flexible storage, our Minneapolis-based facility adheres to the most stringent environmental regulations. Our team operates with the knowledge that proper handling and regulatory oversight require organic goods be separated. Case in point, we store our pet food client’s materials in an entirely separate building with its own set of unique protocols. So if you’re looking for food-grade cGMP warehouse space without the food, you’ve come to the right place. With King, you can rest assured that your products and raw materials will be stored safely — never next to raw meat.

Consistent temperature checks? Check.

For your temp-sensitive materials, up-to-date data is critical. That’s why temperature readings are captured every 15 minutes with a threshold set at 15 – 25 degrees Celsius (59 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit), ensuring your products are always stored in the correct environment. With each of our standard operating procedures (SOPs) referencing a specific subsection of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21, we can be audit ready whenever it’s needed.

To get an idea of just how right our temperature-controlled facility is for your business, you’ve really got to see it (and feel it) for yourself. Want to schedule a tour?
That’s totally cool with us.

We go the distance to help our clients go places.

Not only does King help medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies manage their inventory and move it via local cartage solutions, we ship product to market. Getting your goods where they need to be, safely, efficiently and in the right condition — that’s what drives our team.

Bundled Services

We’re based locally. We think globally.

Transportation Management

Truckload. LTL. Partial-load consolidation. Expedited ground and air freight. International freight forwarding. Small package. Consider it all done. And we’re at your service 24/7 with freight auditing, route optimization, carrier compliance, claims management and prevention. All with the metrics you love.

Warehouse Management

Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility. We even have the ability to integrate with multiple Warehouse Management Systems. Plus we have room temperature compliant cGMP space for temp-sensitive products.

Fulfillment Solutions

We’ve got your fulfillment needs handled from start to finish. From data integration, inbound transportation and warehousing to pick-pack, assembly and outbound transportation, when you demand the very best fulfillment solutions, we deliver.


Supply Chain Operations in the Age of COVID-19

King was honored to support the Medical Alley community as a sponsor of their recent supply chain seminar. Hear critical insights shared by medical device, medtech and healthcare leaders as we consider what we know and what’s coming next.

Join Us

A special invitation for

Twin Cities’ medical supply chain leaders.

Taking our medical supply chain system to the next level takes your great insight. Through the exclusive Medical Supply Chain Advisory Group, experts like you can connect with government, economic, industry and academic stakeholders. Together, we identify the supply chain gaps that drive inefficiencies, market threats and security concerns, and look for innovative ways to improve inventory management, warehousing and transportation of goods. Want to strengthen the chain?

Case Study

Prescribing a better solution in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our client, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, was looking for a partner to handle temp-controlled warehousing for their growing company. With two of their own warehouses at capacity, they needed a new solution based in Minneapolis, MN.

Their requirements included on-demand reporting of all temperature recordings within a cGMP certified, food-grade warehouse that didn’t store food or hazmat near their inventory. What’s more, they needed help transferring their raw materials and products between MN-based facilities with local cartage carriers who could meet their strict shipping protocols.

The King solution

King developed a program that includes product storage while our client awaits FDA approvals. We provide visibility tools that report on inventory management, temperature readings, transportation performance, pest control and cleanliness protocols.

We also developed a totally customized, dedicated transportation solution. Before a truck is loaded, it’s checked for compliance with SOPs. The product is never in the same truck with other product, with the added restriction of no food equipment.

A critical success factor included the implementation of an escalation process. Our client is immediately notified of any and all necessary updates such as temperature discrepancies, power outages, security breaches and transportation delays, just to name a few.

We made visitation easy and convenient. Our facility is always at audit-ready status for our client’s quality assurance team.

The results

With King’s flexible warehouse space allowing them to store their raw materials and products safely and to code, our client freed up their own space to expand their manufacturing operation.

Our clients now enjoy end-to-end visibility with real-time online tools providing status updates on inventory management in storage, as well as shipments in transit.

King created efficiencies for when products receive FDA approval. By having the product ready to ship in the warehouse, our clients can get their products to market with greater speed and agility than ever.

Client Quote

“We were looking for a cGMP-certified warehouse that could meet our pharmaceutical protocols. By partnering with King, we created an out-of-the-box solution that led to greater efficiencies within our own facilities.

Bart Miller, Upsher-Smith Laboratories



Temperature-controlled warehousing

Turns out you don’t have to go far to store your temp-sensitive materials.

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