Feb 17, 2020

temperature control

This biomedical company manufactures a range of life-saving pharmaceuticals. As a leader in their industry, this company has experienced healthy growth for more than 30 years. They are innovative, generously involved in their community and are committed to bettering the lives of everyone who uses their products.

While King doesn’t create life-saving products, we do provide them with a safe and secure home while they are awaiting FDA approval or shipments to any location across the country. See how our team had just what the doctor ordered for this manufacturer’s temperature-controlled warehousing needs.

The Challenge
There is little room for error when it comes to temperature-controlled warehousing. Space for temperature-controlled products is also generally limited, and even companies who keep their products in-house find themselves eventually lacking in space, resources and manpower to keep their products stored safely.

This is precisely what happened with our client.

As a fast-growing pharmaceutical manufacturer, this client quickly found themselves outgrowing their two warehouses. With their current warehousing facilities already at capacity, they needed a new solution based in the Minneapolis area.

More space was needed to grow. They were running out of time.

The main challenge? Temperature-controlled warehousing is highly regulated and requires in-depth knowledge of the products being stored as well as the precise conditions in which they can be stored. Every product has specific requirements, and every client also has different needs when it comes to their temperature-controlled warehousing solutions.

This client’s requirements included:

  • Storage within a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, food-grade warehouse
  • On-demand reporting of all temperature recordings
  • Immediate notifications of any storage issues
  • No storage of inventory near food or hazmat products

They also needed help transferring their raw materials and products between Minnesota-based facilities, and local cartage carriers who could meet their strict shipping protocols could only be used.

They didn’t need a warehouse management partner, they needed a complete warehousing and logistics solution.

The King solution
King was on the case faster than you can say “the doctor is in!”. Our team developed a custom program that included:

  • Tightly regulated temperature-controlled storage for products awaiting FDA approval
  • Complete visibility tools that provide comprehensive reporting on inventory management, temperature readings, transportation performance, pest control initiatives and cleanliness protocols.
  • A dedicated transportation solution that was tailored to the client’s specific needs.
  • Full truck inspections prior to loading, including checks for cleanliness, pest control and compliance with SOPs.

Products were never moved in trucks with other products, and they never were handled with equipment that had come in contact with food or hazmat products.

One other critical success factor included the implementation of an escalation process. We would immediately notify the client of any and all necessary updates, including:

  • Temperature discrepancies
  • Power outages
  • Security breaches
  • Transportation delays

Visitation was also made easy and convenient. Our facility is always at audit-ready status for our client’s quality assurance team, completing our promise to be fully transparent, reliable and responsive to all their needs.

The results
Did King’s warehousing and shipping tonic provide a cure-all for our client’s logistics challenge? In the end, our reliable and customizable solutions helped our client grow in three key areas:

  1. Manufacturing: now that they are utilizing our flexible, 100,000+ sq. ft. of temperature-controlled warehousing space to their raw materials and products safely and to code, our client is free to utilize their own facility and resources to expand their manufacturing operation.
  2. Adaptability: our client now enjoys end-to-end visibility with real-time online tools that provide status updates on inventory management in storage and shipments in transit. This allows them to react quickly to issues and adapt to any changes that occur while in transit.
  3. Efficiency: by keeping products in a ready-to-ship status in the warehouse, our clients can bring them to market as soon as they receive FDA approval. This speed and agility have reduced the time to market of their products.

King makes biomedical storage easy
Have a shipping, fulfillment or temperature-controlled storage ailment that needs a remedy? King has the right prescription for you! Learn more about our temperature-controlled warehousing and other bundled supply chain services.

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