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Shipping temperature-sensitive products without losing your cool

By Tom Sellin, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

Shipping temperature-sensitive freight isn’t like packing a cooler for a weekend at the lake. Rather, it’s a precise method of storage and transport that requires accurate timing, proper packaging and a full understanding of the products being shipped. Whether you’re shipping life-saving pharmaceuticals, refrigerated or frozen foods, flowers, or any other type of perishable goods, […]

Six best practices to help you become an expedited shipping expert

By Chad Erchul, Business Development at King Solutions

Businesses offering expedited shipping options know the importance of establishing efficient, reliable resources within their supply chain. In an evolving logistics environment, where ecommerce is booming, shoppers don’t want to wait around for products. They want fast and affordable shipping options, so expedited shipping is becoming a “must-have” for online businesses.    Whether you’re shipping to another […]

King expands its warehouse footprint (and capabilities) in 2018

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

Back in July, we officially opened a new warehousing and fulfillment facility in Chicago, Illinois, and fulfillment services are up and running at this facility (we will be sharing more updates and numbers soon). But that’s not all! This past summer, we broke ground on a major expansion at our Minneapolis warehouse, adding 101,000 square […]

FTL, PTL, LTL, parcel: how to choose the right shipping option

By David Weakly, Business Development at King Solutions

There is no shortage of shipping options when it comes to moving your freight, and choosing the right service provider is a challenge for every business. While the available shipping options have stayed consistent over the years — shippers have traditionally had the choice of parcel, FTL, PTL, and LTL shipping — the ever-evolving logistics […]

Infrastructure issues are more than bumps in the road

By Chad Erchul, Business Development at King Solutions

The trucking industry hauls about 71 percent of U.S. freight by weight, which adds up to about 80 percent of the nation’s freight bills each year ($738.9 billion in gross freight revenues in 2016). The nation’s trucks hit the roads hard every day of the year. In 2015 alone, more than 33.8 million trucks that […]

Why warehouse optimization is more important than ever

By Peter Tulisaari, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

Speed and efficiency in the warehouse have always been important in logistics management, but the recent capacity crunch has given warehouses a new sense of urgency when loading and unloading trailers. The capacity crunch is playing a role There are fewer carriers on the road, yet more freight is being shipped nationwide. This has caused […]