We believe in making a difference.
Which is why we do things differently.

With King, you’ll never get anything less than our best.


As a third party logistics company (3PL), we believe that the best way from point A to point B can sometimes start at point C, that an order in a warehouse is every bit as important as a shipment on a truck and that no two cardboard boxes are alike. Whether they contain life-saving medical devices or life-sized toys, they deserve the same attention to detail. We believe that the phrase “handle with care” can just as easily be applied to customer relationships, and that offering customized programs depends as much on modern technology as good old-fashioned creativity.

We believe that one supply chain solution doesn't fit all. We don’t even believe that one solution fits most. 3PL companies should work until they find the one solution that fits each client's specific needs. That's what we believe, and that's precisely what we do. Whether we’re shipping freight, managing projects or fulfilling orders, we will bring you the best solutions to all your shipping needs.

Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be King.

We don't mean to brag, but we have quite a few awards under our belt.

Great service isn't a competition, but it's nice to be noticed.


Making the world a better place,
starting right here where we live.

King Solutions’ community involvement and outreach program, “MaKING a Difference”, provides a platform for King employees to give back, inspire and enrich lives. Each month, employees are encouraged to donate time during working hours to ensure local charities receive adequate support throughout the year.

We founded our “ThinKING Green” program in 2012 to help further our commitment to social responsibility. Our goal? To reduce our environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions through best practices related to the usage of paper, water, fuel, biodegradable resources, energy and recycling. 3PL companies should always strive to be as green as possible. Learn More.

As part of our “ThinKING Green” initiative, King is honored to be a member of The Smart-Way Transport Partnership. The program helps freight companies improve fuel efficiency, increase environmental performance and increase supply chain sustainability. Learn More.


The best thing to come out of the 80’s
(besides the hair, of course.)

Over 20 years ago, our founders Mike Patterson and Meyer Bolnick saw a need in the transportation industry and they decided to fill it. In 1989, they established King Solutions as a values-based 3PL company committed to a customer-focused approach. Since then, King has become a leading provider of international freight transportation, retail project management, global logistics, mail consolidation, fulfillment, warehousing and many more shipping services. In 2010, Meyer Bolnick retired after serving many successful years in the supply chain industry, at which time Mike Patterson assumed sole ownership of the company.

Whether we're managing an LTL or FTL, every facet of our business optimizes our powerful network of shipping resources, information services and the knowledge of our talented employees. To this day, we still believe in the ideas our company was built on. That's one thing that hasn't changed since 1989.


The King Way

We love process so much, we named one after ourselves.

It’s a funny thing. We come up with our most creative solutions when we follow
a straightforward process. Our six-step “King Way” takes you from the first
phone call to the final box unloaded, and is with you at every step in-between.


This is where we determine your project scope, and review current and past handling experiences. Think of it as our “getting to know you” phase.


We like to call this “where the magic happens.” Taking into account what you need, we craft a customized solution
for your needs. We’ll write a project charter, establish service parameters, define responsibilities and develop a continuous improvement plan.


Now the idea comes to life. We set up the required tools and train account management-and just like that, it all starts to feel, in not-so-scientific-speak, “really real.”


Testing. Trouble-shooting. Potato, potahto. This is where we do a little QA team testing to make sure there are no, shall we say, “unexpected surprises.”

Go live

Just try to contain our excitement. Because this is where we launch your plan (after you sign off of course.) Yep, it’s happening.


Just because the program is live and running doesn’t mean we stop looking for ways to improve it. After launch, we install
a continuous improvement plan. (What can we say, we’re overachievers like that.)

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Let’s talk solutions.


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