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When it comes to direct mail shipping,

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Decades ago, we carved out a partnership with the United States Postal Service to give mailers a timesaving, cost-effective solution to their direct mail shipping operations. We go far beyond providing simple shipping solutions for targeted mail delivery, we manage the entire transportation process from our clients’ docks to their customers’ homes. With our first-class printing partners, IWCO and Japs Olson, we’re the leader in this critical niche of the logistics industry.

Delivering more than USPS marketing mail. Our direct mail shipping services push the envelope.

We’re more than a transportation service for direct mail advertisers, we are a complete partner who helps you manage and optimize your entire direct mail process. Our direct mail shipping services include:

Nationwide distribution.

We have a longstanding destination entry partnership with the USPS, giving our clients access to over 200 USPS locations that we ship to every week. Ever since our first shipment in 1990, we’ve proudly served the marketing mailing community with excellence. Shipments originate from our Minneapolis distribution center and the time sensitive mail is delivered to major cities across the country.

Tracking and tracing.

Our dedicated Track and Trace team is at your service 24/7. We monitor your direct mail shipments and keep you updated on their progress from the moment they leave our docks until they arrive at their end destination. Thanks to our USPS integration, you can keep real-time tabs on your shipments with complete shipment visibility you can always count on.

System integration and reporting.

We integrate directly with your business to deliver custom reporting on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. All our reporting is specially tailored to your metrics and the KPIs you set for your business. From inventory control to business analytics, shipment data, and more, we are a complete partner who helps you optimize your direct mail process.

Where We Go


We’re always ThinKING Green. One of our core values is being environmentally responsible, so we’re always working with mailers to develop innovative ideas that reduce our collective carbon footprint. In an effort to eliminate waste and improve reconciliation at the mail facility, we were among the first USPS partners to participate in mail shipment tracking, the paperless 8125 eInduction process and Intelligent Mail container barcode (IMcb) system. And as a SmartWay High Performer, King Solutions strives to work with carriers who are also SmartWay partners.

Helping reduce the footprint of the print industry.

Through our Minneapolis- and Chicago-based LTL and partial-load consolidation programs, we’re doing our part to reduce the number of trucks on the road, giving mailers a smart way to improve their bottom line while taking care of the environment.

Addressing the needs of mailers.

As a trusted USPS partner, we offer account-specific, best-in-class destination entry solutions providing mailers with:

Automated weather updates and GPS tracking devices

Customized and automated shipment integration

USPS surface visibility of pallet scan information

Offsite business continuity center

24/7 IMcB pallet level tracking and tracing from customer pickup to USPS delivery

Both eInduction and Seamless Acceptance mailing platforms

Electronic order integration

The volume is staggering, but we’re unwavering.

Each year, King delivers:
6 Billion

mail pieces


mail pallets


mail appointments






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USPS destination entry services.


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Here are some kind (but oh-so-true) words from our clients.


They’re honest. They’re thorough. You can get answers when you need them. They’ll respond to your specific needs. And they’re always pleasant to work with.

We just had a job with over 8 million pieces going to over 300 destinations. We experienced 100% satisfaction all the way through. We even had a couple of trucks break down – and the transparency was there immediately. We had a phone call, got another truck out there, moved it, still made it in-home on time, and thus got awarded another job with our client.


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