You print things. We ship things. Sounds like a pretty good match to us.

This decades-long partnership between King and the United States Postal Service gives mailers a timely, cost-effective solution based out of both Minneapolis and Chicago for managing the transportation process from their docks in to USPS distribution centers nationwide, and ultimately, their customers’ homes.

We delivered our very first shipment out of the Northland District back in 1990, and have remained the leader in this unique niche we’ve carved out with the USPS. We’re proud to serve the mailing community with excellence, driven by IWCO and Japs Olson to be the best of the best.


We make sure direct marketing mail promptly arrives at over 200 USPS locations each week. But this service encompasses far more than getting mail from Point A to Point B. We don’t simply provide the transportation service – we manage the USPS destination entry service.

King provides 24/7 pallet tracking and tracing, customized and automated shipment integration and USPS surface visibility of pallet scan information. The customer and USPS integration gives the mail owner easy access to their shipments, so they can keep real-time tabs on their mailings.



We can provide custom reports on a daily, weekly or quarterly basis, depending on specific needs. Our metrics and KPIs include tracking and tracing, inventory control, business analytics and system integration data summaries – all tailored to each client.

And because ThinKING Green is a core value here at King, we’re always working with mailers to develop innovative ideas that reduce our collective carbon footprint. In an effort to eliminate waste and improve reconciliation at the mail facility, we were one of the first USPS partners to participate in mail shipment tracking, the paperless 8125 eInduction process and Intelligent Mail container barcode (IMcb) system.

As a USPS partner, King Solutions offers account-specific, best-in-class destination entry solutions mailers won’t find anywhere else.

For printers, that means:

  • Local assets that drive efficiencies others cannot replicate.
  • Highly advanced consolidation facility and workshare discounts that lower postage costs.
  • Reduced environmental footprint due to consolidated shipments and paperless data transfer.
  • Processes designed to deliver mail on time to ensure marketing programs are successful.
  • Mail tracking and reporting capabilities. Control and monitoring of the mail flow all the way through in-home delivery.
  • A scalable mail delivery strategy that keeps up with the demand of growing businesses.
  • IT capabilities, innovation and commitment to these mailing community partnerships.
  • Exceptional customer service and communication excellence.
  • Service bundling and other non-mail related capabilities.


The volume is staggering, but we’ve got this.

Each year, King delivers:

King Solutions Mail

5 billion

mail pieces



mail pallets



mail appointments

Let’s talk solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Let our customers tell you how happy they are.

“We just had a job, over 8 million pieces and over 300 destinations we had to send out. We had 100% satisfaction all the way through. We even had a couple of trucks break down – the transparency was there immediately. We had a phone call, got another truck out there, we moved it, and still made it in-home on time, thus we got awarded another job with this client.”
“They’re honest. They’re thorough. You can get answers when you need them. They’ll respond to your specific needs. And they’re always pleasant to work with.”

Click the video to see how we can handle your USPS needs.



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