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Our pet food clients deserve

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For warehousing, inventory management and transportation services, specialty pet food brands take their business to King. We handle space, labor and systems procurement, so our clients can focus on growth. And while they’re busy keeping pets healthy, we’re doing the same for their bottom line.

Warehousing solutions through the woof.

With dedicated warehouse space in Minneapolis, King Solutions is truly a special breed. Our fully automated systems allow clients to turn product faster without the complexity of operating their own storage facility. And to get product off the shelf and into the market, our expert team can build a distribution plan with serious bite.

We handle inventory management from head to tail:

Inbound transportation to our facilities

Multi-SKU consolidation

Automated order integration

Food grade storage compliance

Lot control, expiration date racking, first in first out (FIFO)

Proactive PO receipt verification

Accurate inventory levels and cycle counts

Order history

Fulfillment & Retail Compliance

Client tested. Furry friend approved.

At our specialty warehouse facilities, we’re not just filling orders, we’re fulfilling our clients’ expectations. We can arrange inbound transportation of palletized product from all your manufacturers — kibble, freeze dried, treats, wet/canned, vitamin/supplements and more. Once it’s arrived at our warehouse facility in Minneapolis, our highly trained team fulfills mixed order pallets, then ships outbound to various marketing channels. Before you know it, a very satisfied Scruffy is licking the bowl clean.

We love compliance as much as people love their pets.

Fact is, we’re bulldogs when it comes to rule following. That’s why we partner with our clients to manage retail compliance and routing guides, strictly adhering to specific labeling and delivery procedures every step of the way. What’s more, our automated order integration creates visibility of inventory and KPIs, so clients have real-time data to make informed decisions.


Unleashing your product on the market.

As a trusted freight forwarder and third party logistics provider (3PL), King builds efficiencies in managing product from the manufacturer, leveraging transportation synergies, and creating product visibility to our clients at every stage. With this level of transparency, clients can monitor inventory levels to gauge when more product is needed, see progress on their orders, and be assured their orders are delivered to market on time. Whether your order is a single carton or a full truckload, we’ll get it there.


We’re feeding all sorts of nationwide marketing channels:

  • Independent pet retail distributors
  •  Mega pet retail chains
  • Amazon Seller Central
  • Amazon Vendor Central
  • Amazon/Other
  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC)/eCommerce
  • Grocery
  • General retail


The most comprehensive data for best-in-show results.

Through barcode scanning, all product movement is meticulously controlled in and out of our facilities. Our system also features regular cycle counting of product to ensure inventory levels are accurate and up to the minute. That means clients commit to orders with confidence, knowing they’ve got the product on hand to deliver. No guessing games here. 

Shipment status is easy to sniff out. While shipments are en route, clients stay dialed in to their status so they know when they’re delivered or delayed. Shipment, cost and historical data are made available through automated reports, or through our portal.

Pet food solutions without the pet peeves.

Already have a robust order management system in place? We can fully integrate with your system and give you real-time inventory and order-processing visibility. Don’t have a sophisticated inventory system of your own? No problem. You can rely on our system and a broad suite of automated reports to assist in managing your business.

Case Study

King finds a new fulfillment home for pet supplier.

Our Colorado-based pet food client was experiencing exponential growth, increasing their market share in the specialty pet food arena. While the Colorado location was in close proximity to their headquarters, they were concerned their operation had limited growth potential and integration capability.

The King solution

We created a combined program leveraging the successes of the existing logistics program we’d put into place.

We worked with the client’s internal team to design and move to an effective program prioritizing order integration, automated report sharing and information transparency, and on-time service.

We completed the move from Colorado to Minneapolis with minimal service lapse and full transparency, through a two-phase process.

The results

Upon the successful completion of the move, receiving was expedited to ensure order processing could begin promptly.   

With King’s commitment to transparency, the client maintained full control over their business through every step, fully equipped with access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data.

Client Quotes

We picked a few of our favorite client quotes.

King Solutions has proven itself as a valued fulfillment partner. We appreciate the prompt response time we get from their team when we do have a question. We have great real-time visibility of our inventory, order statuses, and reports as a result of a successful system integration.

With first-hand experience of their pet food logistics and top tier customer service, I would definitely recommend King Solutions as a great choice for new pet brands.

King worked closely with us regarding cost estimates as we developed our Pet Food business plan, and worked closely with us through the startup of our company. We appreciate their flexibility and attention to detail. They have a really great team!


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