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Final mile delivery (also called last mile delivery) can be a difference maker for your business. It’s often the deciding factor for the customer’s experience—leaving them with a positive or negative opinion on your business. It’s also a time-consuming and complex process for shippers of all sizes. Our turnkey, completely customizable final mile delivery services help manufacturers and shippers navigate the complexities of getting products to their customers’ doors. We simplify the last mile process by providing an extensive carrier network with competitive rates, full tracking of shipments, and customizable reporting that allows you to optimize your supply chain from beginning to end.

Our Final Mile Delivery Services.

White Glove Delivery.

We handle your heavy, fragile, or hard to transport products with care. Our final mile services include coordinating white glove services for your most unique deliveries. From appointment-based drop-offs to removal of packaging, our white glove services are just what you need to provide a top-tier experience to your valued customers.

Business/Jobsite Delivery.

Whether your supply chain ends at a business, or your products need to be directly delivered to a remote jobsite, we’ll help you coordinate the last mile delivery for your commercial customers. With on-time deliveries, dedicated tracking and tracing of freight, and a low damage claims ratio, we are uniquely suited to help you with all your business-to-business deliveries.

Home Delivery.

Send reliable shipments from your door to theirs. We help you manage the complex process of bringing your products to the ultimate end destination: your customers’ homes. Our streamlined process and large carrier network make it simple for you to provide on-time deliveries and exceptional services to your customers, wherever they are.

Why partner with King Solutions?
First class service for our last mile customers.

Carrier, rate, and route options.

We partner with a reliable network of carriers who specialize in final mile and white glove deliveries. Our network gives you plenty of reliable options when it comes to choosing the best rate, route, and carrier, and we’re there to assist with route optimization and planning, tracking, and open communication start to finish.

Freight tracking and shipment visibility.

Our dedicated customer care team is there for your business from the start of your shipment to the time it reaches your customer. We not only provide the highest level of shipment visibility, we also offer customizable reporting and KPIs, helping you track shipments and deliver the performance metrics your business needs to continually improve your supply chain.

A dedicated team.

Final mile deliveries require precise tracking of shipments as they enter residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. Our 24/7 customer care and shipment management teams are always ready, actively monitoring carriers and troubleshooting issues in real time. You can’t always prevent delays, but you can react quickly and mitigate their effects with our hard-working team at your back.

Reliable results.

99% on-time. 99.9% claim free. It’s these numbers that keep our clients coming back. We coordinate final mile shipments and white glove deliveries to business and residential addresses across the country, giving you a distribution footprint that is extensive, reliable, flexible, and convenient for your customers. We care for your freight as much as you care for your customers.

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