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Our freight consolidation services bring efficiency and affordability to your supply chain, allowing you to move freight quickly and more cost effectively. If you’re shipping freight in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities, our team helps you consolidate loads to avoid the higher price and time delays common in LTL shipments. As an asset-based 3PL with an expansive carrier network, we have the flexibility to build consolidated loads using your freight and send them to destinations across the country.

Our freight consolidation and shipping services.



Freight consolidation combines several LTL shipments into a single, shared-space trailer. This allows you to save time and money on your shipments by sharing the costs associated with hauling the trailer on top of now having to wait until you have enough freight to fill the trailer.

Our team of load planners coordinate your shipments with other shippers to move your consolidated freight as cost efficiently and quickly as possible.

Dedicated Full Truckload

(FTL) Shipping

Have enough freight to fill an entire trailer? We can help you secure carriers to take your freight on a direct route from origin to destination. No stops. No shared trailer spaces. No changing hands. FTL shipping is often the fastest way to ship freight with the least amount of handling and the quickest transit time.

Not sure if FTL is right for your shipment? We can help you decide if you should consolidate loads into a single truckload or send them separately via LTL and/or PTL shipping modes.

Why partner with King Solutions?
We make consolidated shipping easy.

Minnesota consolidation location.

Our Minneapolis warehousing and freight consolidation facilities give you the ability to send your freight to either coast, or anywhere in between, quickly. Reach every major hub in the U.S. and keep your supply chain moving with our convenient starting points.

Large network of carriers.

Our ever-growing network of reliable carriers move hundreds of consolidated loads every week. We help you choose the best rate, route, and carrier for every load you ship, delivering you the best and most efficient shipping options.

Freight tracking and shipment visibility.

Our 24/7 customer service and shipment management teams use the latest technology to track every consolidated shipment you send. We actively monitor carriers and troubleshoot issues in real time, boasting a 99% on-time rate that we’re supremely proud of.

Fewer touches, fewer claims.

Our freight consolidation services cut back on the number of times your freight changes hands. With fewer touchpoints come fewer claims; that’s why we’re proud to have a 99.9% claim free shipping operation that our customers love.

Consolidating freight isn’t all we do. We consolidate your shipping issues by giving you the fully customized solutions your business needs. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation today.


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