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With our more than 30 years of logistics industry experience managing everything from truckload consolidation to de-containerization, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’ve successfully moved freight by land, air and sea. Whether your destination is down the road or halfway around the globe, our freight transportation services and dedicated shipping teams are on call 24/7. We’ll build you a custom transportation management strategy complete with freight auditing, route optimization, carrier compliance, claims management, and much more. It’s top-to-bottom shipping solutions with all the metrics you need to succeed.

Our partnership is the best part. It starts by diving in to truly understand your needs. That’s how we’re able to customize a program that fits just right.

Our transportation management
and freight services.

Domestic Freight

Coast to coast and everywhere in between. Our domestic shipping solutions give you the flexibility to ship your freight to every major U.S. market. We’ll help you choose the best shipping method, carriers, and shipping lanes, helping you move your freight efficiently and cost-effectively.

Freight Consolidation

As an asset-based 3PL with an expansive carrier network, our freight consolidation services bring efficiency and affordability to your supply chain. We’ll help you consolidate LTL shipments into a single, shared-space trailer, helping you move your freight as cost efficiently and quickly as possible.

Claims Prevention and Management

Our dedicated team and reliable carrier network help you limit damage claims and returns on your products. With 99% claim-free deliveries, we deliver on our promises to help you reduce your reverse logistics costs. We’ll take care of your freight.

Technology and Business Intelligence

From logistics technology integration services—transportation management systems, inventory systems, warehouse management systems, and more—to full-scale performance metrics, we put technology to work for your supply chain. We’ll help you develop, track, and reach your target KPIs.

Freight Auditing

Our experienced team helps you maintain accurate billing, payment, bills of lading, and all other freight documentation. We help you avoid overcharges, double charges, late payments, unnecessary fees and accessorial charges, and so much more. There’s savings to be had, and we can help you find them.

Freight Tracking

With a tracking and tracing team that is at your service 24/7, we track your freight and keep you updated on your shipments no matter where they (or you) are. Our “track and trace” team is here to give you shipment visibility and customizable reporting to help you meet your KPIs.

Special Transportation Services

Around here, special services

are standard operating procedure.

Have a special request? We can do that. Designing one-of-a-kind programs for your out-of-the-ordinary needs — that’s just another day’s work at King Solutions. National or international, we proudly offer a wide range of special transportation services.

Services that include:

  • White glove delivery
  • Final mile delivery
  • Trade show logistics and booth distribution projects
  • Inventory transfer and storage solutions
  • Route optimization
  • Carrier compliance
  • Project management
  • cGMP

Bundled Services

One partner.

All the possibilities.

Looking for efficiencies of time and money? The more you let us handle for you, the more profitable we can help your business become. A better bottom line starts by being on top of it all. That’s the ultimate benefit of bundling with King.

Case Studies

Threading the needle for a global fabrics manufacturer.

Many locations spread across different countries, each with a different production schedule and raw material needs, created complexity in our client’s supply chain. An inefficient communication system only made matters worse.

The King solution

Through our extensive domestic and international carrier network, we helped find the most efficient modes of delivery and coordinated routes, all while maintaining their strict timetables.

We set up a single point of contact to work directly with the company providing them with fluid shipping updates as well as any other required information.

The results

Increased shipment speed and optimized routes led to a huge improvement in on-time deliveries.

A single point of contact made it easier to closely track shipment status and quickly react to unexpected issues.

Comprehensive reporting tailored to our client’s specific KPIs greatly increased their shipment visibility.

Our expertise and insight on international documentation and shipping solutions led to a decrease in global shipment issues.


Our clients love getting the royal treatment.

We were struggling to find a local resource that could meet our expectations of quality and service. King Solutions has been phenomenal for us. We’ve been able to grow our business to the tune of well over a million dollars in the last year and a half because of what they do.

King approaches our company like a consultant. They listen to our supply chain needs, then develop unique solutions. They know our business and how to take care of it.

King Solutions has been a great partner in both responsiveness and flexibility, making significant improvements in the supply chain. The partial mode option that’s been utilized creates cost-saving opportunities that don’t exist in the standard modes of transportation.

King Solutions is our 1 stop shop. With King, we get prompt confirmation of loads, on time pickup and arrival, portal tracking, dedicated contact, real people to talk to, and dedication to handle your freight in the most efficient manner. The dedicated contact is always backed up with a team and the team provides seamless service. 


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