When it comes to
warehouse management,

we’re all custom. No cookie cutter.

We understand virtually every business scenario is different and we thrive on the challenges driven by that uniqueness. In order to effectively address that kind of variety with Warehouse Management, we’re all about flexibility. In other words, give us the facts, and we’ll put the energy into figuring it out – no matter how complex or challenging. (Trust us, we know things can get that way quickly as your business grows.)

We can fulfill B-to-B and B-to-C orders at the palette and item level – including kitting, assembly – whatever needs each customer may have. You’re not limited to choosing an “A, B or C framework.” We would never try to shoe-horn your needs into a solve we designed for another company – that just wouldn’t make sense (and it’s not our style). Instead, we adapt our process to your specific needs, creating a well thought-out, custom, collective solution that addresses them all, just for you.

(You should be feeling pretty special right about now.)




We’re ready to help. Simply tell us where we can best serve you. We can focus on anything from logistics to fulfillment to project management – we’ve even developed a campus solely dedicated to just-in-time inventory management and warehouse distribution.

Our services don’t simply end with transportation down the road. Our capabilities go much broader and deeper than that. We engage in a true partnership with our customers, offering integration into warehousing, so you have visibility into your inventory. The better you understand exactly what you have, the more timely you can be with order restocking.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Let our customers tell you how happy they are.

“Our goal was to find a world-class provider, best in space, who we could then leverage, because that’s what we do. We manage resources. We don’t want to become the warehousing and distribution. So…after long and extensive research, we finally found a solution in the Twin Cities that could provide what we needed to go sell.”

“I very much respect their desire to give back to the community. That was the icing on the cake.”

“We were struggling to find a local resource that could meet our expectations of quality and service. King Solutions has been phenomenal for us. We’ve been able to grow our business to the tune of well over a million dollars in the last year and a half because of what they do.”


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