We don’t just talk it.
We live it.

At King Solutions, we take social responsibility very seriously. To make our commitment more actionable, we founded ThinKING Green in 2012 as an umbrella for a variety of eco-friendly initiatives which continue to grow and thrive.

Our employees have rallied behind our commitment, continually seeking and implementing new ways to reduce environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions through best practices related to the usage of paper, water, fuel, biodegradable resources, energy and recycling.


Smart Way Transport Partner

Back in 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saw the opportunity for increased energy efficiency and sustainability, and created the SmartWay Transport Partnership certification. SmartWay has garnered the support of major transportation industry associations, environmental groups, state and local governments, international agencies and the corporate community. King Solutions goes through the rigorous, application-based process to renew our certification annually, proudly partnering with SmartWay in the following highly effective initiatives:

  • Comprehensive and well-recognized system for tracking, documenting and sharing information regarding fuel use and freight emissions across supply chains.
  • Help identifying and selecting more efficient freight carriers, transport modes, equipment and operational strategies to improve supply chain sustainability and lower costs from goods movement.
  • Support for global energy security, offsetting environmental risk for companies and countries.
  • Reduced freight transportation-related emissions thanks to accelerated use of advanced fuel-saving technologies.

Over the past several years, our team has contributed to the Partnership’s cumulative savings of:

  • 144.3 million barrels of oil
  • $20.6 billion in fuel costs
  • 61.7 MMT of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • 1,070,000 tons of nitrogen oxides
  • 43,000 tons of particulate matter

“King Solutions is honored to be a member of the SmartWay Transport Partnership. Involvement with the EPA supports our commitment to improving fuel efficiency, enhancing our environmental performance and increasing supply chain sustainability within our community.”

Michael Patterson, President and CEO

We want to be great at being green.

Because our commitment to green is so embedded in our culture, our employees have been instrumental in activating programs in a variety of departments companywide, and will continue to identify new opportunities to reduce our environmental impact.

Load Planning

Highly skilled load planners continually improve our less-than-truckload (LTL) and partial-truckload (PTL) consolidation services, optimizing the number of trucks we send on the road. We’ve eliminated 46 loads annually since 2014, reducing our carbon footprint in the following areas:

  • Eliminated 750 average miles per trip
  • Saved 6,272.73 gallons of fuel
  • Reduced 140,383.64 pounds of carbon dioxide output


Material handlers utilize pallet (vs steel) banding, electronic standup (vs gas) lifts, and recycled pallets with clients who have programs in place.

Order Fulfillment

We offer eco-friendly packaging options like corrugated dunnage manufactured from recycled materials as well as recycled cartons, air pillows, packing paper and tape. We even package outbound shipments with select packaging from incoming ones. Waste not want not.

Building & Property

Constructed in 2008, our company headquarters utilizes motion-sensor lighting, LED lightbulbs, green-friendly custodial cleaning products and recycling bins throughout the property.

Human Resources

We’ve converted most paper forms into electronic processes and sign-off, including payment stubs and policy handbooks.

Paperless Invoicing

Our accounts payable and receivable teams have converted many accounts to an electronic system, working with clients and partners to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

USPS Partnership

In an effort to eliminate waste and improve reconciliation at the mail facilities, we were one of the first United States Postal Service (USPS) partners to participate in electronic mail shipment tracking, the paperless 8125 eInduction process and the Intelligent Mail container barcode (IMcb) system.


We’ve been an Adopt-A-Highway sponsor since 2012, gathering on average 75 large garbage bags of waste per year along our stretch in Blaine, MN.

Thought Leadership

Our team joined the energy panel discussion hosted by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal in June, 2017. See the summary here.

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