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FTL, PTL, LTL, Parcel: How to Choose the Right Shipping Option

By David Weakly, Business Development at King Solutions

There is no shortage of shipping options when it comes to moving your freight, and choosing the right service provider is a challenge for every business. While the available shipping options have stayed consistent over the years — shippers have traditionally had the choice of parcel, FTL, PTL, and LTL shipping — the ever-evolving logistics […]

The 3-phase white glove solution that resulted in zero damage claims for this electronics retailer

By Peter Tulisaari, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

White glove delivery is the epitome of high-end, soup to nuts service in the logistics industry. It requires precision, timing and a mastery of virtually every component of the supply chain. There are no plug and play solutions for these types of deliveries. Everything must be carefully customized based on what is being sent, where it is going, and when it needs to be there.   In this case, our client trusted us […]

King eliminates waste and delivers truckloads of efficiency

By Jim Berge, Business Development at King Solutions

This environmentally conscious company has an important goal that should resonate with all of us: “developing solid waste management solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.”  They help businesses and cities achieve this goal by providing waste management products and services that include trash compactors and eco-friendly waste bins. As a 3PL who is […]

In the headlights: Carrier Issues During NTDAW

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

Each year, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) releases a comprehensive report based on industry surveys shedding light on the issues affecting the supply chain. While many of the top issues affect shippers and 3PL companies, several have a significant impact on the more than 3.5 million carriers who haul freight across the country. You […]

Recent changes and best practices for filing freight claims

By Jim Berge, Business Development at King Solutions

Recently, we have noticed an increasing number of carriers requiring photos of damaged freight in order to file and process a freight claim. This is just one of the most recent trends in an ever-changing process, and while we hope our customers never have to file a claim, it’s still important to understand the ins […]

King chooses “Minneapolis and Chicago history” for $1000, Alex.

By Alex Robertson, Business Development at King Solutions

Have you heard the news? King Solutions has opened a new facility in Chicago! To celebrate our company linking these two great cities, we are diving into a bit of the history, founding, and logistics facts about Minneapolis and Chicago. Minneapolis: the literally-named city What’s in a name? For Minneapolis, it’s quite literal. The name, […]