Case Study: Minimizing costs and decreasing dock congestion

King Solutions

By King Solutions  

warehouse loading King’s client is a manufacturer of specialty commercial building products used by building owners, contractors and subcontractors. This 60-year-old major industry player delivers ten extensive lines of architectural building products directly to construction sites around the world, helping construction professionals and architects simplify the building process.

The challenge
The specialized products manufactured by this company are oversized, awkwardly shaped, fragile, and of very high value. This makes the freight they ship costly and especially susceptible to damage. They suffered from space constraints and dock congestion within their facilities. Standard-sized boxes that could be neatly organized on pallets and loaded into trailers were not possible.

Their major goals were to balance packaging, shipping and operations expenses with the possibility of freight damage. King’s goal was to help them find cost-effective packaging and shipping methods that also kept damage to an absolute minimum.

Warehouse inefficiency and extreme dock congestion were large problems for our client, and since they also work with very short lead times and deliver directly to construction sites around the world, they needed international shipping rates that were fast and affordable.

In short, our client was looking for a cost-effective solution that could accurately quote freight, protect it from damage and find the most effective mode of transportation for global destinations.

The King solution
King Solutions researched the purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and sales operations of our client to formulate a unique transportation program that would optimize their business. The “King solution” included customized online tools, warehousing equipment, IT services, auditing, SOPs and more.

The King team executed on a new set of processes which enabled our client to:

  • Develop pricing and fulfillment solutions that included unique onsite label printing, multi-picks per day and consolidating freight at King’s dock.
  • Integrate with third party vendors to cultivate each relationship and create consistency.
  • Create greater efficiencies and accuracy with quoting, production, packaging and shipping by building shipments based on exact product specifications.
  • Reduce damage issues by transporting more product via partial-load consolidation (PTL)
  • Provide real-time data available in custom IT tools
  • Resolve lengthy claims and auditing processes
  • Work through claim issues, create pricing efficiencies and introduce new Dimensionalizer and SPAQ solutions.
  • Reduce manual labor and costs

The result
After one and a half years of implementing the new transportation program, including multiple iterations of customized transportation, claims resolution, and IT programs, King Solutions was able to bring efficiency and keep the client on the cutting edge of the marketplace, all while minimizing their overall transportation spend.

Additionally, King improved efficiencies for our client by shipping products with immediate transit requirements, and storing products that were not time sensitive. This alleviated dock space for our client and increased dock loading and unloading speeds.

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