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Is your logistics program ready for the holidays?

By Chad Erchul, Business Development at King Solutions

October is an interesting (and by interesting, we mean busy) month for supply chain professionals. It’s the (sort of) calm before the holiday storm, and it’s the perfect time to get your retail logistics program in gear before kicking it into overdrive in November, which is way easier said than done. This is because the retail industry, […]

Are rate issues actually capacity issues?

By Alex Robertson, Business Development at King Solutions

In a time when shippers are sandwiched between rising freight rates and consumer demands for more affordable shipping, rising costs are at the top of every supply chain manager’s mind. Rising carrier rates are rampant across the country, and although shipments are down – the Cass Freight Index in Q3 showed them decreasing from a […]

Q3 wrap up: what’s happening in the logistics industry?

As Q3 wraps up and summer ends, a few things are unavoidable: the days will become shorter, the weather will become colder, and the shipping industry will be at its busiest. The holiday season is fast approaching, and to help you avoid some unnecessary logistics headaches, we’re bringing you the latest numbers, insights and industry […]

FTL, PTL, LTL, parcel: how to choose the right shipping option

By David Weakly, Business Development at King Solutions

There is no shortage of shipping options when it comes to moving your freight, and choosing the right service provider is a challenge for every business. While the available shipping options have stayed consistent over the years — shippers have traditionally had the choice of parcel, FTL, PTL, and LTL shipping — the ever-evolving logistics […]