Oct 27, 2015

mygamechangerFor immediate release

DAYTON, Minn. (October 27, 2015) — Need help analyzing your transportation activity? National leader in supply chain management King Solutions is launching MyGameChanger™, a cloud-based freight management system for truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation data, providing insight into all current and historical freight activity from any service provider.

The lightweight auditing and analytic device allows managers and senior leaders to monitor and understand their transportation spending trends and activity, while also comparing rates across service providers and simplifying auditing freight bills by validating charges compared to contract rates.

“Management systems are realizing a need for a centralized method of analyzing transportation activity across service providers, and we wanted to create an affordable tool to help simplify and organize everything for shippers,” stated Michael Patterson, president and CEO of King Solutions. “We’re excited about the launch and are eagerly looking forward to seeing its success in the marketplace.”

Shippers will be able to make improvements to their current supply chain process and better understand freight activity without having to invest in complex and expensive management systems.

Because the application is hosted, there is no need for any supporting IT investment. All customers need is an internet connection and browser.

MyGameChanger™ assists with auditing and invoice handling, efficiently consolidating all service provider invoices into a single weekly spreadsheet with organized shipment details. Also handling shipment analysis, the device validates time in-transit for time-definitive services and actual service provider performance, with access to routing and geographical mapping tools and fuel pricing predictions.

For more information about MyGameChanger, visit www.mygamechanger.kingsolutionsglobal.com and King Solutions at kingsolutionsglobal.com. Keep up to date on the company’s latest happenings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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