Jul 20, 2018

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This client is a multifaceted manufacturer of rubber and flexible plastics that are used in a full range of products that include:

  • Extruded products
  • Molded/distribution products
  • Die-Cut products

Their primary strength is their wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities that enable them to service clients across multiple industries.

The challenge
The capability to create a diverse range of products is a wonderful thing for a manufacturer to have, but it’s strictly limited by the flexibility of the implemented logistics program. Creating many products means tracking and shipping a lot of SKUs, something this client was struggling with. They had multiple different products spread out across distribution facilities in three separate states — Minnesota, Iowa, and Georgia — all of which were consistently shipping out to clients located across the country. As sales continued to expand, their fulfillment and distribution capabilities were quickly becoming as brittle as an overstretched rubber band, and it was ready to snap at any moment.

The most major challenge they faced was the lack of communication between their numerous transportation resources along with the pain that comes along with leveraging multiple resources. The specifics of their logistics challenges stemmed from various shortcomings:

  • They were running out of warehousing space, which, it turns out, wasn’t as flexible as the materials they manufacture.
  • They needed to improve efficiency at their distribution locations.
  • They needed consistency with inbound and outbound shipments among these locations.
  • They needed to find a better way to move their full truckloads and LTL freight to clients.
  • They struggled to get consistent competitive pricing and made up for it by leveraging several providers.
  • Communication between these multiple providers was scattered.
  • On-time deliveries were not consistent or well tracked by providers.
  • Response time and follow-up to inquiries were poor among their current providers.

The King solution
We couldn’t wait to tackle the multitude of issues facing this client. Thankfully, we employ some of the most versatile and flexible solutions in the industry. Our solutions are never “one-size-fits-all”; they are designed to break the mold.

We gained a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and the issues they faced, then jumped into action before they hit their breaking point. After bouncing a few ideas off each other internally, we provided a solid team to manage the client’s logistics, a single point of contact that was much more efficient than the disorganized network of providers they were struggling to manage. Our dedicated team installed a program that maintained a fast response time and follow-up to any issues.

To combat rising prices, we leveraged our large network of carriers to gain competitive LTL pricing. Most importantly, we dedicated resources that maintained reliable and regular service and communication between their distribution locations.

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The results
Using King as a single source removed the administrative need to scramble and shop around for lower pricing with each shipment. It also streamlined communication, issue management, and shipment tracking as King became the sole provider of logistics management services.

Almost immediately after the implementation of the new program, the client saw a host of benefits to their shipping operations that included:

  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Dramatic improvements in customer service and response times
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Increased shipment visibility
  • Measureable delivery performance
  • Dedicated resources for critical shipments between facilities
  • Reliable communication and issue management

See what the customer has to say
If our client is rubber, we certainly are glue! That’s because what they have to say about working with our company sticks with us for a lifetime. Here’s what their Logistics Management team had to say about our partnership:

“King Solutions is by far our favorite logistic company. We have been using them for about four years, and the very few issues that have come up are handled quickly and efficiently. They have great service and pricing. We have weekly shipments from Georgia to Minnesota that we used to quote out every week. King was able to give us a dedicated truck every Friday at a flat rate. This has been a major help and stress reliever for us. We no longer have to worry about getting a truck scheduled at the last minute, and we know our pricing is good every time.

We believe the people at King make the difference. Everyone goes above and beyond. The fast responses and willingness to make things easy for us is priceless. When we have something time sensitive, we have complete confidence in King to make sure the shipment goes out as planned, we cannot say that about any other logistics company we have worked with.”

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