Mar 5, 2015

Having an overweight truckload is a serious issue. Get caught carrying more than you’re supposed to be, and you could face a serious fine from the DOT. Weigh stations and load limits are set in place to make sure truck drivers are being safe and efficient.

That said, stopping at weigh stations when you’re trying to make deadlines isn’t always the most convenient process. Thanks to modern technology, however, more and more drivers are skipping the weigh station altogether.

Here’s how.

Weigh Stations? Yes, There’s an App for That
Imagine that as you’re driving your route, you see an open weigh-station up ahead, and rather than stop and pull through, you keep going with out the fear of a fine.

The technology has actually been around for a few years now, but thanks to the power and prevalence of smart devices like tablets and phones, it’s now easier than ever.

Solutions such as Drivewyze require no hardware installation. Simply install the app on an Android device or iPhone, login to your account, and you’re ready to go.

So How Exactly Does it Work?
Apps like Drivewyze (and similar programs) use GPS systems to factor in state laws and communicate directly with weigh stations. When a truck is approaching a way station, the program will notify the driver.

The weigh station can then verify the driver’s credentials, driving history, weight load, and general truck condition. If the driver has a good history and everything checks out, the device is notified, and the driver can keep on driving.

This entire process is automated. Just turn the program on, and it takes care of the rest.

The Benefits
The benefits are pretty clear. Less stops means savings in both time and gas, which ultimately means money saved. This also makes things better for the environment as fewer resources are ultimately used.

In addition, the fact that it factors in driving records and verification encourages and rewards better, safer driving.

All of this leads to a smoother, more efficient transportation system.

Can Anyone Use It?
Currently, there is no weigh station bypass system has that 100% US coverage. However, programs such as Drivewyze do in over 30 states, and they’re growing fast. The acceptance of these programs is ultimately left to the state DOT and law enforcement agencies.

In order to use any of these systems, there is an application process. Drivers and carriers must submit credentials and be approved.

Moving Forward
Transportation and logistics has always been, and always will be a very technology driven industry (no pun intended). While it may not currently be available in all parts of the US, it would appear that digitally verified truckloads are the wave of the future.

Does this mean a day will come when weigh stations are a thing of the past? Only time will tell.

All we know is that King Solutions will be there, continuing to lead the way in customer service driven logistics and fulfillment.