Jun 9, 2015

Whether you’re brand new to working with a logistics partner or you’ve been working with 3PLs for a number of years, chances are you already have or will have a few questions along the way. We’re here to answer a few of those questions, and hopefully spark a few new ones that will help companies work towards more successful logistics strategies.

Do we need to purchase expensive software to improve our supply chain?
When it comes to the logistics side of the supply chain, the simple answer is no. At King Solutions, we use our own unique software to provide our customers with detailed reporting for their shipments, so we can continue to improve their shipping routes and ensure their products are reaching their intended destinations in the fastest ways possible.

How can we track the progress of our shipments?
Whenever we send out a shipment of our customer’s products, we send them a unique tracking code for that shipment. These codes can be used on our website here. Simple as that.

Should we insure our shipments?
Shipments moving via common carrier have varying degrees of liability at no extra fee, If your product is of extraordinary value, additional liability can be purchased. This liability would cover the product and any product damage that could happen during transit.

Is transit time guaranteed on our shipments?
As with any type of shipping, the estimated delivery dates are most often presented based on historical averages. Many common carriers have higher percentage of on time service, let the experience at King route your shipment. If it absolutely needs to be delivered on time peace of mind is using a guaranteed service. Keep in mind, acts of god ie: heavy rains ,wind, snow, highway delays etc, can delay your shipment and the guarantee is no longer valid.

At King Solutions, we utilize what many businesses consider to be “off-times” (weekends!) to ensure our customer’s products reach their destinations faster. One way we do this is through our CoastalPlus™ program that offers long distance LTL shipments in two to three business days. After all, in most cases it’s better for a delivery to be early than to be late, right?

Does true supply chain collaboration exist?
Collaborations are a two way street. With any business partnership, communication is key. And, when it comes to working with a logistics partner, it’s no different. At King Solutions, we strive to make sure that our customers have everything they need for a successful partnership, which includes effective communication that can lead to true supply chain collaborations.

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