Nov 9, 2018

contractor logistics case study

Our client provides construction services within the energy industry. Over the course of an astounding 100+ year history, the company set up satellite offices for construction sites across the U.S. and Canada, where wind, solar and other energy facilities are being built.

They came to King looking for a simplified solution to one very complex problem: streamlining the movement of goods and services between their construction sites.

 “We know when we use King Solutions to move our freight, it is going to get done. Their communication and expertise have made my job much easier. When I schedule a truck, I know King Solutions will work directly with our construction site managers to handle everything from end-to-end.” – Client, Logistics manager

The challenge
At any given time, this client has more than 250 ongoing projects across North America, creating a massive network of construction sites. Since these offices share construction equipment, they are faced with the challenge of moving equipment between sites in a timely manner, all while ensuring the necessary materials are delivered to the sites that need them. Their construction equipment, while not necessarily fragile, is very expensive and needs to be quickly packed in building crates to shield it from damage.

Communication and timing are the critical components that power their supply chain, but with so many shipments to, from and between sites, the client was confronted with the task of managing communication between many vendors, carriers, and site managers. They were also struggling with freight forwarding, which lead to late deliveries, missed pickups and other issues that were short-circuiting their success.

The King solution
As with any complex logistics challenge, the first step involves shedding light on the underlying issues. In this particular case, it was all about communication. After meetings with the client to discuss their needs, we knew exactly how to build a custom logistics management program that delivered results.

We treated each individual construction site as its own entity, one that has its own needs, timeline and requirements for inbound and outbound shipments. We worked with the individual site managers to get a better understanding of the challenges they face, the equipment they ship and receive, and what they needed to meet their deadlines.

The results
We worked collaboratively to implement a well-planned program and a seamless supply chain, one that coordinated and tracked each shipment from origin to destination. As a result, King was able to provide:

• Reduced LTL costs
• Close and effective communication between carriers and managers at construction sites.
• A high percentage of on-time deliveries between construction sites.
• Complete visibility of all shipments.
• Streamlined operations and workflow between the client’s logistics department and site managers.

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