Jul 14, 2020

healthcare transport

As the effects of COVID-19 hit the United States, shutting down entire industries, putting a strain on others, and quickly eliminating safety and buffer stock levels, there were some industries that sprang into action. Manufacturers ramped up production of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other products medical professionals needed to fight the epidemic. Even companies who have never produced medical devices or equipment stepped up to innovate new capabilities and produce new products to help meet the demands of the COVID 19 crisis. Others provided complimentary, and often critical, support for those working in the healthcare industry. 

Showing resilience in times of need 
Although COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on the vulnerabilities present in the national and global supply chains, especially with medical supply manufacturers and healthcare systems, but it has also shown their resilience. These industries, and those who work in them, have reacted brilliantly to the epidemic, and the hard work and sacrifices they have made will not be forgotten. 

Providing critical support for the supply chain
As manufacturers continued to ramp up production of much-needed equipment, logistics providers have answered the call to help move this equipment to end destinations, keeping the supply chain moving even while many businesses were closing their doors. King Solutions quickly recognized the opportunity to respond with any and all of its logistics capabilities. The previous rigor of preparing for quality inspections and certification in the highly regulated medical industry allowed King to advance smoothly through site inspection and to quickly mobilize in assisting manufacturers, inbound suppliers, and other companies responding to the critical needs of the crisis.  

“We wanted to do everything we could to provide support for those making a difference in the fight against COVID-19. This wasn’t only about providing valuable services to companies in need, it was about helping to save lives.” — Mike Patterson, Founder and CEO of King Solutions 

Since the beginning of the year, King has responded to a number of COVID-19 requestsThese are some of the highlights 

  • In collaboration with a major global freight delivery corporation, King Solutions jumped in to assist a premier Minnesota medical Institution in receiving, warehousing, and distributing 40,000 cases of PPE to hospitals. King’s audit-ready status for quality insurance team inspections made decision making easy. 
  • In partnership with a redelivery company in Chicago and the state of Illinois, King has provided warehousing for six truckloads/160 pallets of PPE kits (masks, gowns, sanitizers, etc.) for delivery to 400 long term care facilities in an ongoing replenishment project based out of King’s Chicago facility.  
  • King assisted a local laboratory testing company who pivoted their business to provide virus testing kits to bring shipments in from California to King’s warehousing facility for distribution. 
  • King has also partnered with consumer product companies providing antiseptic and antimicrobial products, antibody tests, and more to quickly meet demands in the COVID-19 crisis. 

As a member of Medical Alley, King is also proud to have sponsored the June 17th webinar, Supply Chain Operations in the Age of COVID-19: What We Know & Where We GoYou can also read a follow-up article written about the webinar hereWe look forward to announcing future plans to gather supply chain leaders to discuss current and anticipated needs and changes for Medical Alley companies and the industry at large. 

“We will continue doing our part in supporting logistic and transportation needs in this pandemic and will hope to gain your trust as a key logistics resource & innovative solution provider for the medical and healthcare industry.” — Mike Patterson 

King is moving forward with the healthcare industry
In 2019, King Solutions identified an opportunity to help an existing healthcare client create efficiency for pharmaceutical ingredients and built a cGMP temperature-controlled warehouse. Since then, King quickly captured the interest of more Twin Cities and regional companies requiring similar needs and has successfully added additional medical device and biopharma companies to their client list. 

We are committed to understanding more about unique needs of this market in an effort to strategically invest in new, innovative supply chain solutions. Whether you need an additional warehousing and fulfillment location, a transportation provider to help them prepare for surges, a trusted advisor to help with disaster recovery plans, or a group of logistics experts to create a comprehensive regional carrier delivery plan, King can be your trusted partner. Our logistics experts are aware of “inbound supplier” inefficiencies and their need to innovate a solution that streamlines the “inbound link” in the supply chain. We are preparing to pilot real time visibility technology for the medical and healthcare industry in Minnesota’s Medical Alley and their regional, domestic, and global partners. Want to learn more about these solutions? Get in touch with us to learn more.