Jul 26, 2016

Protecting high value cargo is a priority for many logistics teams. Those who frequently ship and carry big ticket items know how important it is to make sure they reach their destination intact and without any damage. Sometimes this cargo can be extremely fragile, while other times it may be bulky, unwieldy, or extremely large.

While dealing with high value cargo, logistics teams often have to employ creative solutions to keep it secure and safe. Here are a few different ways you can protect expensive cargo while transporting it:

Have the right equipment
If you know that you’re carriers are going to transport fragile or oversized items, it pays to invest in the equipment necessary to do so. There are many tools and technologies that can help, and they include more than just some extra straps to secure the cargo during transit. You also need to invest in security devices such as RFID tracking.

Proper training
Train your employees to recognize high value cargo and know how to treat it. This includes making certain that it’s secure and knowing how to load nd unload it, but it also means understanding security procedures and following those procedures to the letter. With cargo theft resulting in losses of more than $4.5 billion annually, every transportation company must not take security lightly. This is especially true in certain areas and around certain times of the year, such as the winter holiday season.

Have agreement paperwork in place
While this is actually more to protect your company than it is to protect the cargo, you will want to make certain that you and the carrier have an agreement on how the cargo is to be transported, what special measures are to be taken, and how any damage to the cargo is to be treated. Additional insurance policies may need to be taken out to cover the cargo, and these policies should be enough that they will cover the true value of the cargo.

Route planning
Route planning is a good standard operating procedure to have, no matter what value of cargo you’re transporting, but it’s especially important when that cargo is high value. Planning routes properly increasing efficiency and shipping time, meaning cargo it on the road for a shorter period of time, thus decreasing the chances of theft and damage.

Work with a 3PL
Third party logistics providers are experienced in handling all types of rare and high value cargo, and they partner with a network of trusted carriers who know how to handle these types of goods. It pays to work with a company who can ensure that your cargo will be their highest priority, and that is a promise we at King Solutions always make to our partners. Contact us today to discuss how we can help plan the logistics of your most valuable cargo.