Dec 2, 2022

Working with targeted mail delivery? Do you know the most effective way to get your direct mail pieces into hundreds of millions of mailboxes across the United States? The easy answer is the United States Postal Service (USPS), who delivers to residences in every corner of the country. But direct mail logistics can be complicated. You have to coordinate with printers, warehouses and distribution centers, USPS locations across the country, and still find an affordable and fast way to get marketing mailers and other materials into the hands of potential customers quickly. 

The cost and complexity of these types of direct mail programs increases as the volume of direct mail scales. Do you send out targeted mail pieces every month? Every week? If you do, and you’re moving thousands of pieces every single day, you’ll need a reliable direct mail partner to help you. 

Enter destination entry from the USPS and King Solutions. 

What is Destination Entry?
Destination Entry is a service offered by the USPS that allows businesses to more affordably send out mass quantities of direct mail at reduced rates. Rather than picking the mail up from your warehouse, business center, printing partner, etc., and transporting it directly to end destinations, you coordinate the shipments of direct mail to USPS distribution centers across the country. From there, the USPS takes the mailers to mailboxes in the surrounding areas. 

How does Destination Entry save senders money?
Lower postage prices are available for destination entry customers because the USPS does not have to do the work picking up mailers from your location. Having it dropped off direct at their facilities means that they only have to carry it a short distance to its end destination. The savings they experience on this form of delivery are ultimately passed on to you and your business. 

Being closer to end destinations also means that mailing times are decreased, allowing senders to be more reactive to changes and quickly get their targeted mail into the hands of their audiences.  

Coordinating mail delivery to USPS Centers
Why don’t more businesses take advantage of this streamlined and more cost-effective method of direct mail? That’s because coordinating shipments either from printers or warehouses to hundreds of USPS distribution facilities takes a lot of time and work. Many companies do not have this capability in-house, nor can they invest in the staff and resources necessary to manage it. Logistics is a complex business and coordinating and tracking shipments that go all over the country, not to mention integrating mailing platforms and programs into a business’s current process. 

Decades ago, King partnered with the USPS, bringing their destination entry services to our clients. We manage the entire direct mail transportation process, helping them bring printed materials from their docks and deliver them to USPS distribution centers nationwide and, ultimately, to their customers’ homes in cities everywhere. We also partner with industry-leading printers like IWCO and Japs Olson to simplify the process further. Rather than your business having printed materials shipped to your location, we’ll handle the process of getting them from the printer and bringing them to over 200 USPS locations nationwide. 

This saves your business time and money on what is a critical part of your marketing and sales initiatives. We handle the shipping, the tracking, the documentation (including bills of lading and USPS documents), and everything else.  

If you are a printing company or a business who deals with large quantities of direct mail and targeted marketing mail, and would like to simplify your process by taking advantage of USPS Destination Entry services, King can be the key link in your supply chain. 

We want to talk with you! Get in touch with King today to talk about how we can address all your marketing mail distribution needs.