Nov 3, 2017

This Colorado-based pet food company got its start in the ecommerce space, and by them maintaining a solid track record of fulfilling orders correctly and efficiently, online sales remains one of their core competencies. However, the company was growing faster than a greyhound on an all-protein diet, and it was ready to take a big bite out of the retail world.

The challenge

Positioning themselves for big-time market distribution, the company needed to put a system in place, acquire the necessary space and labor, as well as define the physical location of the packager. All this was compounded by an increasing demand for their products as well as their expressed desire to fulfill orders fast.

The King solution

We worked closely with our client to study and understand all facets of the retailer’s compliance standards, purchase order requirements, and order flow. As an established partner with our client’s packager, King was also able to take on the warehousing and supply chain portion of this burgeoning operation. Together, the parties built a solid, well-integrated set of processes and standard operating procedures to effectively manage our client’s big move into retail distribution centers.

As we’re always looking to collaborate, King went even further to:

Manage product delivery to the distribution centers which was previously handled by the retailer.

Integrate with the pet food producer so that the receiving of the product became more efficient and accurate.

Coordinate with our client to efficiently receive and process orders. Mixed pallet orders were then carefully built to spec, scheduled and then delivered on time meeting the retailer’s strict standards.

Provide accurate receiving, inventory and shipping numbers to our client via comprehensive reports, as well as by granting them direct access to an inventory portal.

The results

The King team worked with both the packager and our client to create a highly successful program that greatly exceeded our client’s expectations. Among others, our client still enjoys these benefits today:

Reduced transportation costs.

Reduced space and staffing concerns.

Retail compliance avoiding costs related to retailer chargebacks.

Supply chain visibility at all levels.

Reduced order cycle time leading to better restocking.

Ability and flexibility to grow aggressively in their industry.

Smart, capable management by King in receiving, inventory and orders, all while keeping our client always in-the-know and in control.

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