Jun 29, 2018

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This multi-billion-dollar electrical products manufacturer has pledged to bring safety to the world through the electrical solutions they create. They take a customer-first approach and remain dedicated to sustainability and their local community. As growing manufacturer based out of Minneapolis, with distribution throughout the United States, they made the perfect partner for King Solutions. Their ideas of corporate responsibility to the community and the environment perfectly mirrored our ThinKING Green and MaKING a Difference initiatives.

A company who shared our exact values and needed the logistics management services we provide? The sparks were flying as soon as we met. It should hardly come as a shock that we were excited to partner with this company.

The challenge
This client was experiencing some major growing pains. As more shipments were being sent out daily, damage claims were increasing at an alarming rate, and many deliveries were being delayed or arriving late. Problems were occurring with shipments, but the client had minimal visibility and tracking capabilities, making it impossible to react to issues while freight was en route.

Worst of all, the issues with their shipments were threatening one of their core values: customers first. Their main goal was making sure their customers had a positive experience, one filled with lightning-fast deliveries and no headaches.

The King solution
It didn’t take long for a giant light bulb to appear over our heads. Once we understood the client’s needs and expectations, we knew we could build a solution that exceeded their expectations without too much resistance.

The first step was to eliminate any congestion and confusion at their docks. With multiple trucks coming in and out of the warehouse on a daily basis, it was easy for their team and carriers to get their wires crossed, creating delays and mistakes at every turn. We provided dropped trailers to alleviate this congestion and drastically simplify the process.

Once the trailers were swapped, we utilized our consolidation facility and freight expertise to properly pad and strap outgoing freight, insulating it from damage while on the road. Our main priority was to ensure their freight reached its destination the way it is supposed to: damage free!

The results
Our solutions provided a spark that ignited their expansion across the country. Most importantly, the client now feels empowered to shift their focus to taking care of their customers, knowing full well that King will take care of the rest.

The client wanted their product to arrive to its destination on time and damage free, and that’s exactly what we gave them, among a few other perks:

  • Reduced damage and claims
  • Extensive reporting and shipment visibility
  • Quicker transit times
  • Reduced dock congestion
  • Customized care from a company who shares their values

Flip the switch on your logistics today
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