Oct 7, 2019

king smartway transport partner

King Solutions is proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, we have been named by The Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay High Performer, a distinct honor that is given to less than 5% of all logistics companies that have joined their SmartWay program.

At King Solutions, we have long sought to ship our customers’ freight efficiently and responsibly, reducing the impact our organization has on the environment. It’s just one of the ways we are ThinKING Green every single day of the year.

“King Solutions is honored to be recognized as a SmartWay High Performer for the second year in a row. This continues our commitment to our eco-friendly initiatives and helping reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing the quality of service our clients have come to expect from our organization.” – Michael Patterson, Founder and CEO

The environmental impact of transportation
The EPA has long documented the effect the logistics industry has on the environment. It’s estimated that a total of 28.9% of greenhouse gas emissions — carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) — are produced by transportation.

Despite the impact on the environment, the logistics industry remains one of the most important contributors to the economy, moving more than 49.5 million tons of goods worth nearly $52.7 billion every day (that’s more than 56 tons of freight per person per year!).

Making gains
Thankfully, logistics companies and carriers have made significant gains to make the industry more environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient. Newer trucks produce one-tenth of the fine particle emissions and smog-forming NOx emissions as those manufactured years ago, and fine particle emissions from on-road diesel trucks have been reduced by more than 50% over the past decade. As we ship smarter and more efficiently, we reduce the impact this growing and ever-important industry has on the environment.

That’s why the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partner program is so important. It brings together the major players in the global supply chain and the EPA to develop ways to ship more efficiently and greatly reduces greenhouse gases and other effects on the environment.

Together, the EPA and its partners (like King) have:

  • Saved more than 248.8 million barrels of oil (enough energy to power more than 16 million homes).
  • Avoided emitting 119 million tons of air pollution, protecting the health of people in high traffic areas and ports of entry.
  • Saved $33.4 billion on fuel costs, contributing to a decrease in fuel prices.

It’s smart for your business too!
Working with a SmartWay Transport Partner like King also has many benefits for your business. Besides reducing the impact your organization has on the environment, King Solutions helps your business:

  • Ship goods more efficiently.
  • Improve your supply chain performance by leveraging a fleet of the most qualified and reliable carriers.
  • Produce a smaller carbon footprint through emissions reductions and key fuel efficiency metrics.
  • Continuously improve your transportation management strategies and best practices.
  • Maintain better visibility and analysis of your shipping data.
  • Optimize and diversify your carrier routes to provide better shipping options and responsiveness to unexpected supply chain disturbances.

Be “Smart,” let King show you the “Way
King Solutions is here to provide you with greater efficiency, better performance, and a reduction in your environmental impact. Ready to start shipping the “SmartWay”? Contact King to talk about how we can help you move your freight.