Oct 12, 2020

upsher smith king solutions case study

Upsher-Smith is a pharmaceutical manufacturer with a hundred-year history and stellar commitment to creating and delivering high quality pharmaceuticals that are affordable to the general public. Their care for their clients and their steady supply of innovative products has resulted in steady growth over the past several decades. 

As a local Minneapolis manufacturer, the company was looking for a local warehousing solution that could house their expanded line of generic and brand pharmaceuticals. A few years ago, their search for a reliable temperature controlled warehousing partner who specializes in medical supplies and pharmaceuticals would’ve been put on ice.  

That all changed when King broke ground on our new 101,000 square-foot warehouse addition, conveniently located on our existing Dayton, MN property. This addition was entirely temperature controlled, opening up our capabilities to serve clients like this 100-year-old pharmaceutical leader. 

See how King said “we’re on it” and delivered a client-focused approach to this complex issue.  

The Challenge
Upsher-Smith was seeking storage for their new and existing lines of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). When it comes to temperature controlled warehousing, the stakes are high and there is no room for error. Pharmaceutical products in particular need to be stored at precise temperature ranges, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg of challenges associated with their storage.   

The particular pharmaceuticals Upsher-Smith needed to store required a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant warehouse. cGMP compliance requires strict attention to the details. The smallest mistake can result in regulatory violations and defective products that cost companies money to replace and, in the worst case scenario, are unsafe for patients to use  

cGMP compliance entails, among many other regulations: 

  • Strong quality management systems 
  • Establishing robust operating procedures 
  • Detecting and investigating product quality deviations 
  • Frequent updates to the space to ensure the latest regulations are met 

Upsher-Smith also required that their pharmaceutical materials be stored safely away from food or hazardous products, and their needs didn’t stop at the warehousing space. They also needed a way to transport their materials throughout their Minnesota based facilities. This required an all-inclusive warehousing and logistics program that could get up and running quickly, was sustainable, and wouldn’t break the bank. 

“We were looking for a cGMP-certified warehouse that could meet our pharmaceutical protocols. By partnering with King, we created an out-of-the-box solution that led to greater efficiencies within our own facilities.” – Bart Miller, Upsher-Smith Laboratories

The King solution
Fast. Quality. Affordable. Is it possible to have all three? The team at King was ready and energized to take on this challenge. Our new temperature-controlled, cGMP compliant warehouse—one of the very few in the region—was the perfect fit for Upsher-Smith’s needs. We worked with the client to develop space in our warehouse that was expertly-tailored to the types of pharmaceuticals they needed to store, how long they needed to be stored for, and how often they would need to ship out to their other facilities. This included implementing their input and feedback after several walkthroughs of the space during the built-out process. We even created a special team that was dedicated to understanding the highly regulated and cGMP pharmaceutical industry standards that apply to warehouses, processes, and the pharmaceuticals themselves. 

After the warehousing space was squared away, our team got to work creating a custom logistics solution that would allow the client to track and count items as they are shipped, ensuring that they arrive at their destinations safely and on-time. This was combined with a customized financial solution that mitigated any burden placed the client when it came to the initial warehousing and logistics investment. 

The results 

  1. The new warehousing space allowed Upsher-Smith’s products to be secure, stored to the strictest regulations, and remain accessible enough to be shipped out at a moment’s notice. 
  2. The customized logistics plan ensured the highest quality transfer of products with an exceptionally high on-time delivery rate and low claims ratios. 
  3. The customized financial plan allowed Upsher-Smith to get their new warehousing and shipping solutions up and running quickly without putting too large of a strain on their finances. 

While the cost savings and efficiency of the relationship with King is important to Upsher-Smith, it’s the trust they have placed in King’s quality services that proves to be invaluable. With the comfort of knowing they have access to King’s warehousing facility with specifications that can support their needs and an efficient logistics solution that ensures the smooth transportation of materials. Upsher-Smith can now focus on expanding their line of affordable pharmaceuticals.  

As Upsher-Smith looks to further their own growth and innovation, King will continue creating new solutions and evolving its capabilities to meet the needs of this highly valued client. 

King makes pharmaceutical storage easy
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