Nov 18, 2021

king warehouse

More than 3 billion pizzas are consumed in the United States every year. On any given day, one in eight people are eating pizza for a meal, making it one of the most consumed foods in the U.S. As a company that caters to this vastly consumed food, King’s client has their hands full shipping their innovative products all over the country. Their products—an innovative pizza liner and a line of pizza delivery bags and bakeable trays—are used by pizzerias and homeowners to help maintain the “fresh out of the oven taste” of the pizzas they love. 

As the company continued to expand their business and serve customers based all over the country, they needed to scale their shipping and storage operations to continue to meet the demand for their products. 

The challenge
Every business that experiences quick growth knows that with this expansion comes certain constraints. The products flowing into warehouses need space to be stored; more distribution channels need to be opened to service areas across the country; additional manufacturing resources need to be secured to create more products. The supply chain inevitably becomes more complex, and it takes a lot more time and resources to manage it. 

The client needed a reliable partner to manage their warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. This would free the company up to focus on expanding their manufacturing output. 

The issues that needed to be solved included: 

  • Warehousing space for multiple product SKUs 
  • De-containerization of inbound products from internationally located manufacturers 
  • Lot management for warehousing spaces 
  • Distribution to clients located all over the country 

One of the largest issues were the space constraints for their roll stock, which were large and weighed thousands of pounds per roll. 

The King solution
The client was initially looking for a partner to manage warehousing and shipping for their pizza bags, which led to a further discussion as to how King could also manage the raw goods warehousing of roll stock as well as its domestic transportation. 

When working with a client that has multiple different products, a one-size-fits-all solution just isn’t going to cut it. King Solutions broke down everything that needed to be accomplished regarding each product, tailoring the services that would be required based on where the product was coming from, how it would need to be stored, and where and when it needed to be shipped out. 

Our custom solutions for each of the client’s products were specifically designed for each inbound product, yet they were all bundled together into one logistics plan! The first was the pizza liner roll stock. The second was the Incredible Bags, which were shipped in from Asia. 

King implemented: 

  • Ample warehousing space for multiple SKUs 
  • Quick de-containerize of inbound products 
  • Efficient lot management 
  • First in, first out 
  • Local cartage 
  • Cost effective carrier options and selection 
  • Maintaining a large distribution across the US 

The results
King’s warehousing solution alleviated space constraints and allowed the client to keep their current footprint while expanding with an additional press to keep up with the demand for their pizza liner. The additional warehousing space also allowed for better management of their outbound distribution of the final products. This was particularly effective for their largest customers.  

Advanced shipping metrics have also been provided by King, which has helped the client better manage delivery expectations for each client and forecast future transportation costs in what is normally a volatile market. 

Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment for their roll stock has allowed the client to 

  • Scale within their current space 
  • Increase production with additional press 
  • Manage finished goods within the facility and prepare them for distribution 
  • Control their logistics costs 
  • Forecast future costs 

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