May 5, 2015

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DAYTON, Minn. (May 5, 2015) — Do you know where your freight is? King Solutions does, thanks to its new, individual freight GPS tracking services. An industry first, King Solutions’ pallet-level tracking offers 24/7 visibility and real-time data so customers have peace of mind and reliable information to make informed decisions quickly.

“Traditionally, tracking only goes as far as the truck,” stated Michael Patterson, president and CEO of King Solutions. “But for those with high-value or time-sensitive shipments, we worked to create a customized solution that gives a look inside the trailer.”

When customers enlist King Solutions for individual freight tracking, each shipment is assigned a distinct GPS unit number. This information is then communicated to the customer as well as to King Solutions’ internal tracking department. Customers can choose their frequency of status updates and check on shipments in real time via King Solutions’ website portal. Reported data show departure times, travel speed, overall mileage and transit time to destination.

“On-time delivery is paramount to the success of our high-density commingle program,” stated Al Bourgeois, manager of logistics and commingle planning at IWCO Direct. “With GPS tracking at King, all it takes is a few mouse clicks and we know exactly where our shipment is at all times.”

As the business marketplace evolves and supply chains become more complex, Patterson believes logistics need to move with the trend. “The future of transportation is in technology, so we will continue to invest and uncover creative solutions like pallet-level GPS tracking while not losing sight of our customer-focused approach,” added Patterson.

Companies interested in learning more or enlisting King Solutions’ pallet-level GPS tracking services can call 800-728-8632.

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