Apr 24, 2015

King_Solutions_2It’s possible that you may have noticed a few new King Solutions trailers out on Minnesota’s roads (it’s okay, you can stare; we know they’re pretty). But, what you might not know is the reasoning behind the change or that the rebranding of our trailers is an ongoing process.

Making a change.
After nearly a quarter century in the business, we decided it was time to update our branding across the board. This meant bringing our new brand identity to life across various avenues of our business. Included in this initiative was everything from our office space to our website, and yes, even our trucks. (There was even a Star Tribune article about it!)

So, we went to the drawing board and mapped out the process. Our first newly designed trailers hit the road in June of 2014. Featured on them are three designs in three vibrant colors, each displaying a unique message for fellow road travelers.

A bit more about our new trailers.
Each of the newly branded trailers in our fleet are owned and operated by King Solutions within the state of Minnesota. They’re utilized for local pickups and deliveries around the metro area and brought to our corporate location for LTL and partial load consolidation.

Each trailer features 50 percent more side post rigidity than the competition, 101 inches of anti-snag that provides an additional 40 cubic feet of interior space to maximize capacity, an impact resistant plastic lined interior recessed between posts with no fasteners, and MaxCube series “A” logistics posts on 16 inch centers throughout.

An ongoing process.
We currently have 30 new trailers on Minnesota roads, and more to come. Each year, we’ll gradually retire our older trailers and add new ones to our fleet. As of right now, our trailer fleet totals more than 150, but we’re continuing to grow and add new trailers all the time.

The King Solutions way.
At King Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to make logistics easier for our clients by offering their businesses customized solutions. Our newly designed trailers are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to accomplishing this goal.

If you want to learn more about the rebranding of our trailers or how our fleet can optimize the transportation of your company’s goods, contact us today.