Jan 16, 2017

2017 trends2016 was a great year for King Solutions. Our company was named a “Top Workplace” by the Star Tribune, and we were also given a Minnesota Business Ethics Award in the mid-sized company category.

2016 was also a great year for the logistics industry, and we are eagerly anticipating what 2017 will bring to the table. Here are a few trends and technologies that shippers can look forward to this year.

New trends
Every year, new shipping trends emerge and are adopted as strategies and best practices. In 2017, shippers can look forward to:

  • An even greater reliance on e-commerce: Consumer patterns are shifting, and e-commerce has become a normal shopping routine, especially around the holidays. Next day and same day shipping have made it easier for consumers to shop online, rather than visiting brick-and-mortar stores. This puts the pressure on retailers to adopt faster, more cost-effective shipping processes.
  • Globalization: the increased focus on e-commerce has also led to emerging global markets, and many shippers must now foray into international shipping in order to remain competitive in their industry.
  • Security breaches: 2016 brought about major cyber-security breaches. With hackers attacking Target, Yahoo and even the Democratic Party, those who use cloud-based systems will forever be on the hunt for ways to protect their data (and that of their customers).
  • Digital natives: this new post-millennial generation will be entering the workforce. Students graduating high school in 2017 will have been born in 1999. They have spent their entire lives immersed in high speed internet, smartphones, tablets and other advanced technologies. This makes them particularly adept at learning new technology, but they also expect workplaces to stay up to date.

New technologies
2016 saw a large increase in the use of warehouse robots, and this trends will continue through 2017. Researchers estimate that the collaborative robot market will continue to expand and predict it will reach a global worth of $1 billion by 2020.

Some of the other technological advances we will likely see include:

  • More complex data gathering and analytical programs
  • Hands-free, voice-activated devices
  • A greater reliance on pick-to-light systems
  • Further advances in driverless vehicles
  • Smart technology and artificial intelligence interfaces

Earn more business in 2017
As new technology, trends and strategies emerge in 2017, it is essential for shippers to evolve in order to stay competitive in their industry. This year, you can earn more business and better serve your customers by partnering with King Solutions. To learn more about how we leverage new technology to create solutions that work, contact our team today.