Jul 14, 2017

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of energy. It was hosted by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal (MSPBJ) and included individuals from various areas of the energy sector. The topics ranged from green energy sources to energy usage and conservation. I enjoyed my time sharing how King Solutions uses efficiency to reduce our own carbon emissions as well as learning about other ways we can be conscious about our energy usage.

Making the right decision for our environment has always been an option, but in the past the cost has been prohibitive. The cost differential has since been eliminated in many areas and, with forethought, it can usually be planned for.

New green initiatives
We have all heard of smart phones and smart devices, but I had no idea the level you can implement them across an entire building today. King Solutions uses sensors in offices and in the warehouse that regulate and control the lights. By using additional computer monitors we have also reduced our need to print, reducing our toner and paper usage.

These are great practices, but the ability to take that savings to the next level for buildings is finally here. Another company at the panel discussion, CxS Connect, shared a product they made that manages a building’s energy requirements. It was eye-opening to learn about the possibilities that are available to monitor our buildings energy use.

Alternative energy sources
Alternative energy sources were discussed as well, specifically solar projects. The president of iDeal Energies shared the benefits of solar for commercial buildings, and the discussion that followed was interesting because it involved all parties talking about how they could work together to use energy more efficiently.

Government regulation
The role of government regulation in the energy industry was briefly discussed.  The government definitely has a hand in “encouraging” compliance with energy policies, but it will take the collaboration of consumers, public and private companies and government organizations to make significant changes in how we all consume energy.

Moving forward
Energy efficiency and profitability haven’t gone hand in hand in the past, but the relationship can’t be avoided any longer.  Companies need to operate efficiently in order to survive in today’s competitive climate. Part of that efficiency lies in how we consume energy. I enjoyed my time discussing the different aspects of energy because although all of the panelists were from different industries, we all had many things in common:

  • We are all dependent on energy.
  • We all want to operate efficiently.
  • We all want to operate responsibly with the environment.

Opportunities to learn more
You can find a copy of the panel discussion here. To learn more about King’s green energy initiatives, contact our team today.