Feb 2, 2018

Pallets leave the warehouse. They arrive at their destination. This much is always known by shippers. But what happens to them while en route? How can you tell where they are and when? How can you react to a situation if you don’t know where your shipments are at all times?

GPS tracking at the pallet level is the solution to these problems, and it’s something that all shippers should be considering for their shipments, especially if they are time-sensitive, contain highly valuable items or make multiple stops along the way.

GPS tracking on the pallet level has many benefits, including:

Better shipment visibility and data
Whether you are using GPS pallet tracking for LTL shipments or in freight forwarding, it has the potential to provide you with many key insights. The data you gather can show you the shortest and fastest routes for shipments, making integral to route planning for future shipments.

Reduce shrinkage
Whether the cause is theft, loss or any other form of freight mismanagement, GPS tracking will help you keep an eye on your products as they move from location to location. It will tell you when they are offloaded into a warehouse or loaded onto a truck and when they have reached their final destination. This can help you cut costs related to shrinkage and insurance rates.

Improve customer satisfaction
Lost, damaged or late shipments are some of the most common customer issues that shippers and online retailers need to resolve. With GPS tracking, you will be able to reduce these incidents, and if they do occur, you will always have the most up-to-date shipment information to report to your customers.

Find lost items
Occasionally pallets are offloaded at the wrong location. Without GPS tracking, it can be a headache to locate them and either bring them back or make sure they continue on to their end destination. When you know exactly where your pallets are and when, you can move to correct the issue quickly and with ease.

Save time and resources
Finding lost items takes time and manpower, but it’s necessary to devote these resources to these problems when they arise. The best way you can reduce the time and money you spend locating pallets is to reduce how often they become misplaced. GPS trackers can help you become more efficient in this regard.

Add GPS pallet tracking to your shipments today
There are plenty of reasons to add GPS tracking to your shipments. To learn more about how you can begin tracking your pallets, speak with the experts at King Solutions today.