May 13, 2015

Partnership, integrity and gratitude are words that get thrown around a lot in the business world, but how can you tell when a company truly lives by their values? Are these words the goals that a company should strive to reach, or are they a way of life that cannot be compromised?

Just ask our carriers where we stand.

Carriers are the backbone of our industry.
At King Solutions, carrier compliance is a big deal. So much so, that we take ongoing steps to ensure our carriers are working to provide successful transportation of our customer’s goods. What does this mean exactly?

It means that compliance doesn’t stop during the on-boarding process for one of our carriers. We ease our customers’ minds by evaluating potential and new carriers for things like safety, operating authority, insurance, carrier profile and mutually agreed upon terms. Then, our in-house compliance team continues to monitor and evaluate our carriers weekly to ensure our customers are in the best possible hands for their transportation needs.

Additionally, we take the time to get to know each carrier we with work with, taking our partnerships with our partners to the next level. This is because we truly believe that a “getting to know you” phase is essential to forming a partnership that will ultimately provide our customers with the top notch service that they deserve.

24-hour service every day of the week.
As part of our goal to make logistics easier for our partners, our Minnesota consolidation center is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Clients and service providers can drop off and pick up freight on a schedule that works for them. Plus, our 24-hour phone line is always open with a representative standing by to assist with needs as they arise.

We deliver more than just words.
We can talk about what these words mean to us all day long, but to truly get a sense of how much our carriers mean to us, see what some of them have to say about our long-lasting partnerships.

Our tight-knit system of partnerships has created a carrier network that is stronger than ever. Whether our clients are seeking domestic or international shipping, project rollout distribution, warehouse management or order fulfillment, our team can get it done with care and speed.

Partnerships that last a lifetime.
The average tenure of our employees is 10 years, and we have carriers who have partnered with us for over two decades. Consistency in carriers means consistency in service. That’s part of the King way.

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