Aug 4, 2015

Most people love a good trade show. There are crowds of like-minded industry professionals, new products to check out and whole lot of other fun things to keep them entertained for a day or more.

And let’s be honest, they also get the opportunity to peek in on the competition to see what they are cooking up.

But what really makes a trade show: is it the products, the companies or the people? The answer, of course, is large and flashy trade show booths.

Company trade show booths are a large part of the appeal of trade shows, but getting them there can be far from a good time.

In fact, it can be downright terrifying if you don’t know what you are doing.

Thankfully, our team at King Solutions knows a thing or two about shipping trade show booths and are willing to part with a few secrets.

Find a Trade Show Logistics Provider that Works for You
Rather than cramming an oversized display into your car, tying down the trunk with bungee cords and trucking it down the highway at high speeds, let a professional company see the display safely to your destination.

You want to find a resource that has a stellar reputation, offers more than just tracking for your shipment and can provide drivers that have delivered to trade shows before. Not delivering the shipment on time is not an option. Acute management of the shipment in route is essential to your trade show success.

Your resource will help you decide whether shipping in advance to a warehouse close to the event is a preferred option, or whether to have it delivered directly to the trade show site. A quality provider will work closely with you to plan and manage your shipment through final delivery.

Pack it Right
Much of the battle lies with packing your cargo correctly. We suggest packing your materials in as few boxes as possible, which will cut down on your costs, but make sure not to combine items together that can easily damage one another. Wooden crates are a great way to protect delicate items because they can withstand a lot more than traditional boxes.

Label, Label, Label
Make sure the end destination, delivery date/time, and your contact information are clearly identifiable on each crate. You can even include your booth number, the number of crates and any special handling instructions. If you are reusing crates, be sure to completely scrape off any old shipping labels to avoid confusion and delivery mishaps.

You also want to be able to identify your cargo when it is delivered to the trade show. Make sure you label your boxes accordingly so you can easily identify them. Some people go as far as to color coordinate their boxes with their company colors so that they can easily spot them on the floor.

Know Where You’re Going and Get There Early
With hundreds of companies having their booths shipped to the same location, trade show deliveries can be hectic. You want to know where you need to pickup your delivery and where your booth is located to cut down on the confusion.

Being prepared will give you more time to set up your booth and allow you to start enjoying the show without any hassle at all.

If you want to kick back and enjoy the day without worrying about whether or not your trade show booth will arrive in one piece, let the logistics team at King Solutions deliver it to your next show.

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