May 28, 2015

Tips for Streamlining Reverse LogisticsJust like the Jedi have the Sith, shipping has reverse logistics. And, much like the Sith, reverse logistics is the dark side of supply chain management that many people wish didn’t exist.

As a supply chain manager, you spend all your time ensuring that your product gets to consumers, but you never count on it coming back to you. Whether the products are in need of repair, restocking, repackaging, recycling, or are just plain old returns, every item that makes its way back into your warehouse is money out of your pocket.

But don’t run for the hills just yet. There are ways in which you can mitigate and reduce the costs that are brought on by reverse logistics. By streamlining the entire process, you can save your company time, money, and resources.

That’s where our experts can help.

Combining expertise, experience, and exceptional brilliance, our supply chain Jedi have compiled a list of important tips that will help you make the most of your reverse logistics processes.

Get With The Program
Do you have a process for handling returns? How about a set of guidelines that lay out what items can be repackaged, refurbished, or have to be recycled? Just like sorting items for shipment, it is necessary to ensure that every item that makes its way back to you goes through an organized process that is second nature to your team.

Have processes put into place that include inspecting and testing returned products to see what action needs to take place. This will help get items back onto the shelves, or out of your warehouse, as quickly as possible.

Technology: It’s Here To Help
If you aren’t using RFID tracking, or some other type of warehouse tracking/management system, now is the time to step into the future.

Not only will tracking systems help you to implement a solid reverse logistics process, it can help you notice trends or patterns in the returns that you are receiving. If you notice that you are receiving an increase in returns on a product, there may be a manufacturer’s defect that is affecting them.


Reduce Returns With Packaging Practices
Are you noticing a large number of returns on certain items? If so, you may be packing or shipping them incorrectly.

The best way to streamline reverse logistics is to simply have fewer returns to your warehouse.

Most Importantly, Keep The Customer In Mind
Streamlining your reverse logistics processes is not only about saving you money; it is also about customer satisfaction. It’s about replacing a defective product ASAP, lest you risk losing future business.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the best way to save money on reverse logistics is to maintain customer loyalty. It is not often that consumers abandon a company solely because they received a defective product. They will abandon you if you fail to provide the quality service that they deserve.

Remember, customers are far more likely to relay bad customer service experiences on the Internet than they are good ones. They are also more likely to recommend a company to family and friends if they’ve had good customer service experiences.

You Could Always Just Let Someone Else Handle Everything
Here at King Solutions, the only returns we like to see are those on our client’s investments. By putting your trust in our team, we can make sure that your investments into the supply chain will boost your bottom line, every time.

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