Aug 9, 2016

Trucking regulations are continuously updated and changed in order to make the industry safer and more environmentally friendly. While these trucking regulations may be necessary for safety, they can impact shipping schedules and best practices. Most importantly, they can impact carrier rates in unpredictable ways.

In order for shippers to gain insights into the future of carrier relations, teams must to keep up with the regulations that impact them.

Here are a few of these regulations that have had an impact on the shipping industry.

The CSA initiative
The Compliance, Safety, and Accounting (CSA) Initiative is in place to help reduce the number of accidents in trucking, but the rules have been known to change or expanded frequently. Because of this, shippers must be aware of how their actions can impact their percentile rating, which is often used as an unofficial scoring system.

Use of electronic logging devices
These devices will automatically document the hours a carrier drives, which is great in some ways because it’s one less thing the driver has to do. It also makes certain drivers take regular breaks, which will be more strictly enforced in the coming months and years. While this is good, it does mean that shipments will take longer to arrive.  Shippers will have to make certain their drivers are not going over these limits or they, and the drivers, may face harsh penalties.

Greenhouse gas emissions standards
As a shipper, you will have to make certain that your trucks meet the requirements put forth by the EPA for gas emissions. You may need to consider replacing some of your older trucks with newer models that are actually more fuel efficient. While this will be a cost you’ll have to bear upfront, in the long run it should save you money and help you meet the 2021 greenhouse gas emissions reduction deadline.

New training regulations
Finally, 2016 has seen some changes in driver training regulations and requirements. You’ll want to make certain that your drivers have met these new accreditation requirements and that any in-house training you have meets them as well.

Stay on top of new regulations
Trucking regulations are constantly changing, and shippers need to keep up in order to predict changes in rates, shipping times and more. Working with a 3PL can help teams maintain consistent relations with a large group of carriers. When industry regulations change, teams like ours at King Solutions are always prepared to adapt. Contact us today to secure the future of your shipping operations.