May 19, 2014

In today’s markets everyone needs to operate as efficiently as possible.  Warehouses can be black holes where you can lose inventory, WIP and hard earned margin.  They are typically fixed cost or overhead that are tough to justify.

Take a short quiz to see if we can shed some light in the corners of your warehouse.  The answers to these five questions could reveal some significant cost-saving opportunities for your business.


1.)    Are you renting unutilized warehouse space?

2.)    Is your rent a fixed rate per month?

3.)    Is your visibility to your inventory restricted?

4.)    Is your rented warehouse space dirty?

5.)    Are you using premium space in your building to warehouse inventory?

(Answer key: all should be “NO”)

I like the variable cost model, I don’t like paying for something weather I use it or not. When I do pay for something I want to be able to have complete visibility to it (I paid for it after all).  At King we can offer you complete online visibility to your product stored at our facility.  We can charge you for the space you use, not for what you don’t need.  Our online inventory will allow you to see how much you have on-hand, request it and we will get it to you.  Call King Solutions to turn any answer(s) that was “yes” to a “NO”.

At King Solutions we believe you get what you pay for, and you should not pay for what you don’t use.  Let us turn your fixed cost into a variable cost, and give you the ability to truly manage your inventory on-line.

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