Sep 15, 2015

We know most big brands tout their customer service as being the best in their industries. At King Solutions, we don’t just say it, we believe it in such a way that we structure our business around customer service initiatives.

Just in case that doesn’t convince you, we wanted to take a few minutes and explain exactly why we believe in the value of truly exceptional customer service experiences and what that means to us.

A bit of backstory.

King Solutions was founded in 1989 when our founders saw a need for a values-based organization committed to customers first within the transportation industry. To this day, we still believe the customer comes first. It’s even listed right in our values; we believe in excellence and quality in all we do.

For this reason, we’ve implemented fundamental customer focused business practices like:

  • Custom solutions modified to fit each client’s business.
  • Real customer case studies posted right on our website.
  • 24/7 pick-ups and deliveries; even weekends and holidays.
  • Knowledgeable 24/7 after-hours customer service representatives available.
  • And, more!

The service perspective.

With just about every industry having some sort of customer service component, it’s no surprise there’s a ton of facts out there regarding how customer service affects companies. In fact, some of the facts are quite staggering.

Did you know that:

  • 95 percent of customers share bad experiences with others?
  • And, only 87 percent of customers share good experiences with others.
  • U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service.

With stats like that, do we need other reasons to focus on our customers first and provide them with the best possible customer service experiences?

Our focus on customer importance.

But, at King Solutions, we don’t need stats to scare us into providing great customer experiences. The truth is, we want to provide our customers with a reason to stay with King. And, we know that starts by making them the most important aspect of our business.

And, since 73 percent of consumers say friendly customer service reps can make them fall in love with a brand, we’re looking to do just that. Have our customers fall in love with our brand every single day.

At King Solutions, we make our customers a part of our core set of values. So, when people ask us what having exceptional customer services means to us at King, it means we’re living up to what we set out to accomplish from the very beginning.