Jan 26, 2015

With the potentially historic winter storm bearing down on the Northeast, we wanted to make sure all of our clients are aware of potential delays for shipments surrounding that area.

Forecasters are stating that the largest impact may be the Philadelphia to Boston corridor which includes more than 35 million people.

Many transportation carriers have already started shutting down lanes that run in or out of that area, including ones that would need to go through it. Airlines are already canceling flights and schools closing as all those in the vicinity are bracing for this storm.

Even after the storm has passed we expect to see some delays as many businesses may not return to full operation immediately and carriers will work to clear up freight that has backed up. Historically with storms of this size the impact may be felt in non-weather affected areas due to equipment being stuck in the storm area.

If you have questions on any particular shipment(s), please contact your King Solutions Customer Care Representative. Or reach us at 763.428.5464 or cs@kingsolutionsglobal.com.