King Saves Client 400K


(And yes, that ‘K’ stands for thousands.)

Our client was a $100-million+ company, with seven divisions and three manufacturing plants. And they came to King looking for the one solution that would help them reduce administrative costs. When we took a look at the company’s process, we found out that their annual transportation budget was $3 million, half of which was LTL, with the remainder of shipments moving via parcel, air freight, international and truckloads. And at the time they contacted us, their internal personnel were handling the orders and managing the freight claims in lieu of a logistics provider. We couldn’t wait to alleviate some of that burden.

Well, let’s start with everyone’s favorite subject: saving money. A one-month invoice audit of the client’s current logistics provider showed that over $400,000 could be saved each year by partnering with King instead—no small chunk of change. Next, King provided an online customer portal that made all transportation transactions and invoice numbers instantly accessible. Plus our “King Quotes” online quoting engine gave the customer instant rate quotes for their bid process. Our next task was to boost the efficiency of the overall operation. So we began weekly manifest billing, and consolidated all modes of shipments for all company divisions. Then we customized the online Bill of Lading and held monthly meetings to assess progress and success, and to address concerns. Oh, and did we mention the saving $400,000 part?

Thanks to our customized solution, including weekly billing, instant rate quotes and consolidated shipping, King helped our client make the bottom line their top priority. In fact, in just one month, King saved our client an impressive 19% compared to the prior year. Think that’s good? Consider this: within just one year, we reduced their LTL costs by more than $400,000 and eliminated associated expenses, boosting efficiency and net profits. We’d say that’s 400,000 reasons for our customer to be happy. Not that we’re counting or anything.

“King approaches our company like a consultant. They listen to our supply chain needs, then develop unique solutions. They know our business and how to take care of it.” Corporate Purchasing Manager–National Manufacturing Company