Jun 2, 2014

Reduce claims, packaging costs and waste lean six sigma style

Building the right relationships is vital when it comes to freight transportation, shipping, packaging and logistics. These relationships can help you save time and money. A lot can be done to mitigate waste, freight and cargo claims and costs when applying a six sigma approach to logistics. A great 3PL is all about PPL, which is why identifying the best practical solution for efficiencies can only be achieved through a trustworthy relationship characterized by cooperation and understanding. King Solutions is proud to be a trusted logistics provider, helping customers avoid problems such as issues with packaging that cause too many expensive freight claims due to LTL and other issues down the supply chain.

Upset clients and wasted money are a result of poor relationships and processes. So what can be done to reduce the costs from these freight claims and reinforced packaging issues?

Reduce packaging costs and claims exposure

What if you told your boss you could reduce the costs of packaging and reduce the number of freight claims at once?  Have you ever thought about taking some of your shipments out of the LTL environment? King Solutions has been successful in combing multiple shipments onto single truckload carriers for years. These carriers deliver directly, without the need to make transfers, greatly improving shipping time. King Solutions does not stack pallets. In fact, most shipments are loaded from the floor with air ride trailers, reducing liability from  damaged packaging. Our pricing works based on footage of trailer and uses no freight class! If for some reason the consignee cannot handle a large road truck, one of our hundreds of final mile agents can complete that last mile. What other 3PL treats PPL the way King Solutions does?

Trusted Packaging Solutions

Remember, the dock supervisors and managers at the traditional LTL carriers have a clear incentive to get more freight onto the trailer and they are enticed to stack and pack trailers to utilize the entire cube, which often leads to the problems that brought you here. Consider King Solutions when you can’t afford to pay for another claim, excess packaging and labor to pack. In all likelihood, poor practices from LTL are to blame, but the good news is that a trusted and intelligent 3PL like King Solutions can get you back on track to profitability and efficiency in the supply chain by putting lean distribution and lean manufacturing principles to work for you. We have the experience, technology, customer attention and quality processes to help you maximize productivity, while keeping it lean. Why else would we be king?

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