Jun 23, 2015

wearable technology and warehouse automationWhen it comes to supply chain management, companies have two choices: they can evolve or fade away.

At King Solutions, we recognize that technology evolves quickly and has the ability to move our industry from one era to the next. With each new advancement technology brings, we must keep up with the times in order to stay competitive.

That’s why the time has come to talk about wearable technology.

With everything from Google Glass to Apple watches commanding headlines as the latest market trend, wearable technology is taking consumers by storm. The gadgets are few, and the technology may seem like a gimmick, but industry professionals know that wearable technology can be used for more than just checking email or sending a tweet on the go.

When it comes to the warehousing and logistics industry, wearable technology could be a game-changer.

Wearable Technology in the Warehouse
While wearable technology is not entirely new to warehouse workers (many have been wearing variations of scanners and headsets for years), the onset of consumer demand for these devices has vaulted the technology to new heights.

Whether we are talking about smart watches or glasses, on the go gadgets certainly have their place in the warehouse. In an environment where speed and accuracy are integral to success, the ability to multitask with precision is of the greatest value to workers.

This is how wearable tech can bring us into the future.

Hands Free Tracking
It’s not just about having the most up-to-date piece of equipment; it’s about eliminating the need to hold a device while you move goods from place to place.

Using wearable technology, warehouse workers will have unlimited access to data, analytics and instructions that are fed to them through devices that do not interrupt their work. They will be able to streamline operations without having to stop to read information on a tablet, smartphone or laptop computer, and with the eye-tracking technology that comes with headsets like Google Glass, workers can also interact with that data while performing other duties as well.

Coordinated Management
With wearable technology that is linked through internet access, warehouse managers can now eliminate the need to be on the floor to coordinate the efforts of their workers. With real time information being piped into their headsets, managers can quickly resolve problems and increase productivity by continuously analyzing the data and metrics that is being fed to them.

For example, a worker scanning incoming and outgoing cargo can instantaneously relay this information to coordinators charged with ensuring that the right cargo goes out with each shipment. Coordinators can now identify mistakes with shipments and alert loaders without having to halt operations to fix the mistake.

This not only saves time and increases the accuracy of shipments; it also reduces human errors that cost warehouse managers big money every year.

The King Solution
The potential for wearable technology in the warehouse is unlimited, and King Solutions is constantly looking for new ways to integrate it into our workforce. If you want to learn more about how we can use emerging technologies to streamline your supply chain, contact us today.